“Harry Potter” Star Matthew Lewis Caught Trolling Co-Star Tom Felton…and It’s Magical DirectExpose
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“Harry Potter” Star Matthew Lewis Caught Trolling Co-Star Tom Felton…and It’s Magical

Published on November 27, 2019


Matthew Lewis, 30, was caught trolling his former Harry Potter co-star, Tom Felton, 32, on Instagram recently after Felton posted a photo of himself in Slytherin garb alongside the youthful visage of Draco Malfoy, and captioned it: “Aging’s a b*tch.” The throwback quickly became next-level after Lewis cleverly commented: “Speak for yourself lad!”  Ultimately, the exchange said more about the two actors’ friendship, their loyal fans, and the power of social media than it said about either actor’s ability to age gracefully.

Lewis’ Amusing Quip Has Acquired Over 30,000 Likes

Potter fans have expressed their varying thoughts over the exchange, most of which are positive. Fans are thrilled by Lewis’ acknowledgment that time has been kind to his appearance, as it is something that many self-proclaimed “Potterheads” have been very vocal about since the premiere of the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise. Throughout the ten years of filming, Lewis has revealed that he “had to wear a fat suit and false teeth,” to properly portray the nerdy, beloved role of Neville Longbottom. It wasn’t until “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” when Lewis could finally ditch the prosthetics and allow for Neville to become the heroic (and, albeit, attractive) leader that fans knew he could be. Lewis’s admittance of his “glow-up” on the social media post is warmly accepted by fans, though it was humorously to Felton’s disadvantage.

Some Fans Have Taken It Upon Themselves to Defend Felton

Many fans have responded with messages of support and love for Felton. But fans should not be so quick to show their concern, as this isn’t the first time Felton and Lewis have poked fun at one another on social media. In August of 2018, Felton posted a photo of the duo amid a rather serious quarrel over a Slytherin-themed backpack. In his Instagram caption, Felton joked that Lewis was “close to converting” from Gryffindor to Slytherin and tenderly deemed him a “#gryffindork.” Lewis posted a similar photo, but instead adding the caption: “Take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” Their exchanges are all in good fun, which goes to show the strength of the friendship that exists between the actors.

It Is Clear That The Duo Has Chosen to Remain Good Friends

In the film, Malfoy and Longbottom are far from friends, but after multiple actors from Potter have spoken fondly of the cast’s close relationships to one another, it is clear that these rivalries don’t exist in real life. In fact, Lewis has expressed the strength and importance of the friendships that he made on the set of Harry Potter many times. He speaks warmly of his time growing up on the film set and mentions how enriching the deep friendships he formed with his co-stars were, as they allowed him to have “the exact same childhood [he] would have had, but it happened at Hogwarts.”

And Thankfully, For Potter Fans, This Kind of Content Is Easy To Find

Since the story’s inception, fans of the series have aligned themselves closely with one of the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, and formed intense loyalties to their respective house. So, to see the same level of loyalty and excitement from the actors of the film is a real joy for fans, as well as the idea that the action behind-the-scenes is just as magical as what takes place on-screen. Felton and Lewis have proven that the cast of Harry Potter is dedicated to being in each other’s lives long after their final scene together. And every now and then, the world is reminded that the story, and everything it touches, remains magical.

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