From Spokesperson To Squirrel Girl: Fun Facts About AT&T’s Lily DirectExpose
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From Spokesperson To Squirrel Girl: Fun Facts About AT&T’s Lily

Published on March 9, 2018

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Lily, AT&T’s spokesperson, has made a mark with her awkward, bedazzling, and squirrely girl-next-door persona. However, most people do not know that her true life story is the example of the American dream. Read more to discover how this little-known Russian-born actress has started landing some of the hottest roles in Hollywood.

She’s A Political Refugee

The 30-year-old actress was born Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub in the former U.S.S.R. Being Jewish, her family faced persistent religious persecution. When Milana was two, her family fled the now Republic of Uzbekistan seeking political and religious asylum in the United States. See below how Vayntrubs’ success came after years of hard work.

American Dream At An Early Age

Milana has been acting most of her life. She’s made appearances on shows such as Lizzy McGuire playing the role of “Cute Burper.” Her breakout role was at eight-years-old when she landed a role on the critically acclaimed show, ER. What show was Milana a star of before she became the AT&T girl? Read more to find out.

A YouTube Sensation First

With the list of credits to her name, it’s no wonder everyone is curious about this beautiful spokesperson who seemed to come out of nowhere. Besides credits including 2016’s Ghostbusters, Key and Peele, Californication, and Silicon Valley, her first taste of stardom came from the YouTube series Live Prude Girls. Keep reading to learn how Milana is more than just a pretty face.

She Is A Smart Humanitarian

Milana passed the California High School Proficiency Examination as a sophomore so she could start at the University of California, San Diego early. She graduated with a degree in communications. She has also begun a social media campaign, “Can’t Do Nothing,” which helps promote refugee rights worldwide. She’s not just using her communications degree to promote AT&T, either. She has her sights set on major stardom, which her next role might just get her.

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl

Milana has been making major inroads to stardom lately with a recurring role on This Is Us, but she recently landed another impressive role: Doreen Green, a.k.a Marvel’s Squirrel GirlMarvel’s New Warriors will also feature the superheroes Mister Immortal, Night Thrasher and Microbe. It’s set to air on Freeform.

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