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What Will Happen To Fox After Family-Friendly Disney Deal?

Published on July 25, 2019

Fox produced great, fan loved movie franchises: Aliens/Predator, X-Men, Die Hard, Terminator; all franchises which were designed for the mature audiences, whereas, Disney has always been family-focused. Disney’s newest announcement for Fox films may keep these franchises shelved for some time.

Disney Decided To Cut Fox’s Movie Releases In Half

Fox will now only be able to release five to six movies a year. This is a drastic cut when compared to the twelve movies that were released in 2018, and the eleven scheduled for 2019 and 2020. During this announcement, Disney had also stated that there will be no more Fox films released this year. This will hurt the schedule Fox has set up for the remaining films set to be released this year. Stuber was the most recent Fox-produced film and was only number six for the year. That leaves sixteen movies that Fox will have to evaluate and reschedule for release with the new limitations.  But what movies does Fox choose?

Disney Will Release All Fox Films In Production

Any films that were in production at the time of the acquisition, Disney has promised will be released. This will be great for the next chapter in the Terminator series, Terminator: Dark Fate, The New Mutants, and The Kingsman Prequel, The King’s Man.  Because these franchises tend to have huge box office draws, and a solid fan base; fans won’t have to wait too long to see these movies.  Other films, like Fear Street or Free Guy, may be delayed for some time since they are independent films.  Fox will probably release more films that will attract the huge box office draws, and may only release one or two new independent films a year.  Fox does have some solid choices for them.

Avatar Presents Sequel Opportunities For Fox

Avatar is a breathtaking movie that transported people to an amazing world, rich with beautiful filmography, fantastic special effects, and a great story.  Disney had already seen the potential of Avatar when they partnered with Fox and James Cameron to create Pandora at The Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Avatar is set to have four sequels, with the first to be released in 2021, and a new one every two years.  This will take a slot from Fox during those particular years.  And Disney has another franchise to work on as well.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has Also Been A Huge Success For Disney

The MCU has eight films that are ranked in the top twenty-five highest-grossing movies of all time.  Avengers: Endgame is poised to take Avatar’s spot.  Disney now has full access to X-Men, Blade, The Fantastic Four, and Deadpool.  These movies were created for mature audiences, and it will be interesting to see how Disney will incorporate them into the MCU.  If Disney chooses to release The New Mutants, it will probably be the last Marvel film Fox produces.  Most likely, Disney is going to start working in these characters into the MCU. Fox already knew this was a possible outcome, and wanted to ensure a fan favorite would continue when they re-released Deadpool 2 as Once Upon a Deadpool. Most importantly, fans will get to finally see the X-Men universe cross into The MCU.  It will be great to see Wolverine in the Avengers or maybe Blade VS Spiderman.

Will This Be The End Of Fox?

That will all depend on the fans, the movies Fox chooses and Disney’s next move with the Fox franchises they are already invested in.  Disney will probably move Avatar and all of the remaining Marvel Universe to their studios. Fox will have to be smart and choose films that will bring the fans, and make sure the story is good.  The classic franchises like Terminator or Alien/Predator have a chance to be seen again.  Fans always want to see what happens next.

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