Fans Discover A Controversial Scene That Was Recently Deleted From ‘Toy Story 2’ DirectExpose
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Fans Discover A Controversial Scene That Was Recently Deleted From ‘Toy Story 2’

Published on August 22, 2019


Movies are not just a part of the entertainment industry. They often serve as cultural snapshots of the time when they are filmed. While this can bring back nostalgia for some viewers, it can also bring up problematic cultural beliefs that were once accepted and are now inappropriate or downright offensive. Disney recently deleted one such scene from a beloved animated kids’ movie. While Disney did not release a statement explaining their decision, fans have some thoughts as to why they would try and cover their tracks on this one. Here’s why they decided to get rid of this seemingly innocuous scene from one of their most famous Pixar films:

Toy Story 2’s Questionable Deleted Scene

Recently, fans have discovered that a certain blooper from Disney’s Toy Story 2 has been removed from new digital downloads and Blu-Ray copies. The scene in question features Toy Story 2’s Stinky Pete, who is caught on camera offering the Barbie twins a part in Toy Story 3. He then takes one of the Barbie’s hands, implying that he is looking for sexual favors in exchange for an acting part. Stinky Pete is flustered and defensive when he is caught, implying he knew his behavior is wrong. Disney has now deleted the ‘casting couch’ scene from their animated bloopers without releasing an official statement. Fans believe that in light of the #MeToo movement and allegations coming out against several known Hollywood stars that Disney decided the scene did not fit their current philosophy. You can view the deleted clip here:

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Disney’s Trouble With Past Inappropriate Content

Disney has faced controversy over many years in their racially insensitive and oftentimes misogynist story undertones. From problematic animation depicting women in an unrealistic or unsavory light, to the infamous Song of the South which trivialized slavery and the oppression of black people in America for decades. The discovered Toy Story 2 deleted scene does not sit well in the wake of the #MeToo movement, as the “casting couch” scene is exactly what men such as Harvey Weinstein or Louie C.K. have been accused of in recent years. Pixar’s own John Lasseter, who wrote and directed Toy Story 2, stepped down after he admitted to several “missteps” with female employees of Disney. Lasseter has been in the news several times for sexual misconduct scandals, especially after Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson dropped out of a role in protest after learning that he would be directing. Disney itself has fallen under fire for hiring several problematic directors and is clearly making a change to improve the lives of their female employees and viewers around the world.

Controversy In The Film Community

Disney’s choice to delete this scene has brought up great controversy in the film community. Some believe that changing a film’s original content after it has been released is unnecessary, while others believe that any inappropriate or problematic content should be removed, no matter how old the film may be. Disney made the choice to edit this film in part because this scene was included in the blooper reel, and not in the actual movie, so it made no impact on the storyline to remove it. Plus, with the rise of the #MeToo movement and controversy in Hollywood over sexual harassment and abuse, they believed it was no longer tasteful or appropriate to make light of such a situation. It would not be surprising if other distasteful scenes in Disney movies and bloopers are cut out next, making a positive change for the company and viewers who still love these classic animated films.

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