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5 Fails In Hollywood Hacking Scenes

Published on April 9, 2019

Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images

Throughout the decades, movies have portrayed hacking in various lights. It’s very obvious that some directors aren’t the best at researching this activity. The end result is often a bad representation that leaves many scratching their heads. We look at a few ways Hollywood manage to get wrong about hacking.

A Bigger Setup

You’ll often see people engaging in hacking with phones or laptops. This kind of activity needs something bigger to get the full potential down. In real life, many hackers have an entire room dedicated to their craft. With numerous rigs in tow, they don’t have to worry about any hiccups.

Gonna Be A While

Often times, you’ll see a typical hack be done in just a few minutes. The truth is hacking will take much longer than a bathroom break. It’ll often take as long as a few days for things to officially go through. For major situations, hackers will be waiting for months.

No ‘I’ In ‘Team’

Hackers are often displayed as having a DIY attitude. They don’t even try to cheat off other hackers’ work. In the real world, many hackers will often take tips from others in the same boat. Many of them will work together to take down an issue. Teamwork certainly makes the dream work.

Slow And Steady

One cliche we often see is lightning fast typing. In order to get the job done, you have to be quick with it, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case with hacking. Most of the time, it’s slow and tiresome. You’d have to try numerous times to find the exploit before moving on to the next part.

It Can Be Anyone

In many movies, hackers are often portrayed as loners with a mission. Many of them are normally rowdy twenty-somethings that show no fear. In reality, anyone can be a hacker in today’s world. That sweet old couple you see at the store could be hacking into the government right now.

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