Five Fascinating Facts About Gal Gadot’s Husband, Yaron Varsano DirectExpose
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Five Fascinating Facts About Gal Gadot’s Husband, Yaron Varsano

Published on May 27, 2018

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

So, who is Gal Gadot married to? Since 2008, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has been happily married to Yaron Varsano. While everyone knows about the box office star, not many know about her husband. Where did they meet? What does he do? Well, we’re here to tell you all about Gadot’s one true love.

Love At First Sight

The pair first met each other at a party in Israel. Versano knew he would someday marry Gadot. “He told me on our second date he was serious and wasn’t going to wait more than two years to ask me to marry him,” she told Glamour. Varsano stood by his words and proposed to Gadot two years after they started dating.

In The Business

Varsano has been making a living as a real estate developer. Along with his older brother, Guy, they opened The Varsano Hotel. The hotel became a huge success in Tel Aviv. In 2015, the brothers decided to sell the hotel for a cool $26 million to Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich.

A Major Inspiration

Varsano wanted to work on the hotel because of his travels with Gadot. “We wanted to feel at home, which is when we discovered these apartments within a hotel in Los Angeles. It became the inspiration for Yaron’s hotel The Varsano,” Gadot told Totally Jewish. Gadot often helped out with the hotel’s overall design.

A Family Man

When Varsano and Gadot aren’t working, they’re spending time with their two daughters. Their oldest daughter, Alma, was born in 2011 and their youngest daughter, Maya, was born in 2017. Gadot had the hard task of working on Wonder Woman while being pregnant with Maya. “It’s nice to look at the movie and know that Maya is in the movie with me in some way. I love that,” Gadot told Mirror.

Forever Supportive

Varsano is easily Gadot’s biggest supporter. He’ll often accompany her to red carpet events around the world. “I’m so lucky to be married to a strong independent woman. She is my partner, my love, my friend,” he posted on Instagram. Most of his photos on his Instagram page are with Gal and their children. How sweet!

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