Everything You Need to Know About Feminism and Gender Equality DirectExpose
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Everything You Need to Know About Feminism and Gender Equality

Published on March 11, 2016

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As much as many people would love to believe that we’re striving towards a society of equality in the United States, the truth is that we’re not even close to where we should be. Somehow the feminist movement is still looked upon as a joke, made fun of as if what they stand for isn’t important. The truth is that if you were to take the word feminism out of the equation and just look at what people all over the world are trying to accomplish with gender equality, the majority of people, men and women, will probably agree with most of their points.

The problem is that many people just aren’t paying attention, or haven’t been given the proper information for them to understand the problems facing our society based on gender roles and equality. So if you’re one of those people who might not really understand the ins and outs of gender equality, or the things that so many people are trying to make happen throughout society and all over the world, here is a personal guide to everything you need to know about the subject.

The feminist movement is strictly about equality, as they believe that men and women were born equal no matter how many men would like to say otherwise. Women are capable of leading full and successful lives just like men, and they should be treated as such in any work environment. Feminists do not generally attack other people for their beliefs and opinions on political and social matters, and just wish that they would be heard just like everyone else when it’s their turn to stand up and talk about what they believe. This is not about women being better than men, or feminists being better and deserving more than everyone else – it’s strictly about equality, and that is their main goal to hopefully one day be achieved.

It is their body, so women should have the right to choose what happens to it. Whether you’re talking about the pro live versus pro choice debates that are constantly stirring up controversy throughout the Untied States, or more on the rights of how to raise their child, how they should be fed as infants, or the procedures done when the baby is being born, those are choices of the mother, not the rest of our society. Basically, feminists believe that decisions should not be thrust upon anyone when it comes to something that is going to affect the rest of their lives, especially when the person making that decision for all women will not be personally affected by their choices in the slightest bit.

Gender equality would be not forcing a mother to breast feed her child when she doesn’t want to, just because some organizations say it’s healthier for the baby. It’s letting a woman, who will have a hard time dealing with everything no matter what decision she makes, make the decision for herself as to whether or not she wants to have an abortion if she believes that she cannot bring a child into a healthy environment. It is not okay for anyone, especially a man, to force that decision upon her, and that’s what so many feminists are trying to say. It’s not necessarily that they believe that abortion is a good thing, but it’s definitely not up to society to decide whether or not that is best for a woman.

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