Everything We Know About ‘El Camino’, The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie DirectExpose
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Everything We Know About ‘El Camino’, The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

Published on September 3, 2019


After months of rumors, Netflix has finally confirmed what we’ve all been wanting for six years: a Breaking Bad feature film. The new cinematic feature, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, will hopefully wrap up the story of what happened to Jesse Pinkman after his escape from gangbanger captivity. Netflix released the film’s trailer on August 24th and teased fans with a release date. On October 11th, all eyes will be on Pinkman for the very last time.

What Ever Happened To Jesse Pinkman?

Breaking Bad’s series finale concluded almost every character’s story except for one. Walt, Skyler, Jack, Todd, and every other player was either shot dead or had their secrets revealed. However, the elusive and lovable Jesse Pinkman fled the scene, escaping both his torturers and the police. Pinkman sped away in an El Camino and was presumably never seen in Albuquerque again. The tearful ending was satisfying to many viewers, who rooted for Jesse throughout the series. However, Breaking Bad fans have always wanted to know what happened to Jesse after his many months of torture and captivity. Netflix is here to answer that question. Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul is back in his breakthrough role, and will finally give fans the closure they’ve desired for six years.

What The El Camino Trailer Can Tell Us

The Netflix trailer begins presumably in the Albuquerque DEA office. As the camera closes in on the interrogation room, two plaques of agent Steve Gomez and ASAC Hank Schrader can be seen just outside. The trailer features Skinny Pete in questioning as a witness to the Jesse Pinkman case. Skinny Pete admits he has no idea where Jesse is, and that he found out about his capturing and torture on the news. Viewers can presume that Jesse has not returned to his former life with Badger and Skinny Pete, perhaps even leaving the state. Skinny Pete tells the police, “I have no idea where he is… And yo, even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Because I’ve been watching the news same as everyone else. I’ve seen that little cage of his they kept him in… No way I’m helping you people put Jesse Pinkman back inside a cage.” Now the question stands, will Jesse be able to escape the police as he escaped Jack? Or will the demons of his past drag him down just like his former partner?

Netflix And Aaron Paul Are Pumped For The Movie Premiere

Netflix partnered with Vince Gilligan, creator of the original Breaking Bad series, to write and direct the new movie. Gilligan has worked on several successful projects since Breaking Bad including the spinoff series Better Call Saul, which was nominated for over 20 Emmys and two Golden Globes. Star of the film Aaron Paul is thrilled to share the new story with fans. He tweeted shortly after the trailer release, “Vince absolutely crushed this thing on the page and on film. Thrilled for the world to finally see this piece of cinema history.” Since Breaking Bad, Paul’s television career has skyrocketed. He has worked with Netflix on several of the streaming service’s original shows including Black Mirror and Emmy nominee Bojack Horseman. Paul has also been cast in HBO’s Westworld for its upcoming season. However, Breaking Bad and El Camino are likely to be his crowning achievements. The character of Jesse Pinkman was not only his breakthrough role, but in that character, he gave some of the show’s most powerful performances. Paul’s work on Breaking Bad won him three Primetime Emmy Awards and countless nominations and accolades in the acting community. He was also arguably the favorited character on the show, as his compassion and sense of justice survived even the corruption of Walter White. On October 11th, we can root for Jesse one more time in this anticipated Netflix Original.

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