Ed Sheeran Bought His Neighbors’ Homes After Their Numerous Complaints DirectExpose
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Ed Sheeran Bought His Neighbors’ Homes After Their Numerous Complaints

Published on August 17, 2019


When you’re someone like Ed Sheeran, you have to think big with your expensive abode. Unfortunately, the neighbors might have some complaints thrown in your direction. Apparently, Sheeran took the high road with his neighbors and bought them out of their homes.

A Hidden Agenda?

Sheeran has been busy buying houses near his farmhouse to form a compound. Back in April, the singer got neighbors enraged when with some construction work. A wildlife pond he created was criticized for not being used for its original purpose. They believe Sheeran secretly turned it into a swimming pool. “What was initially a wildlife pond has… become a recreational swimming pond, now with the addition of steps, handrail, and jetty. I am a huge supporter of the creation of ecosystems, especially when it comes to ponds and wetlands. What I would hate to see here is that this is taken one step too far and transformed into an area of development that is for no gain to the wildlife that lives there but only to add to the amusement of those that reside at the property,” neighbor Andrew Cattee told the East Suffolk Council. After an investigation, it was determined the pond wasn’t used in an improper manner.

Give Me A Sign

In his main home, Sheeran built a bar for some drinks with friends. In an interview with Zane Lowe, he discussed how this would be separate from the rest of the house. “So basically there’s an underground tunnel to get there that you can close off. So if I have a party everyone goes in the pub and no one can get in the house so you get no one raiding the cupboards or smashing anything,” he said.

He named the bar The Lancaster Lock after his wife Cherry. The singer placed a 15-foot sign outside the spot to make things official. Unfortunately, neighbors saw this as a huge distraction to the area. The district council was brought in again to handle the situation. “We have raised concerns regarding this structure, which requires either planning permission or removal. We have also requested that all unauthorized signage be removed from the Grade II-listed barn,” a spokesperson told Metro. Sheeran agreed to take the sign down.

Hiding It From The Neighbors

Months after the pond investigation, Sheeran protected the area it with hay bales. As expected, neighbors suspected him to use the pond for recreational purposes again. “It all seems very strange but in actual fact, it appears to have been very carefully thought through. The bales have been placed precisely in the right places and at the right angle to shield his pool,” one unnamed resident told DailyMail.

It’s Time To Pack Up And Go

Sheeran decided that enough was enough, and chose to make a huge move. He dropped nearly $4 million dollars to buy his neighbors’ homes from them. One former neighbor was critical of Sheeran’s plans to build a treehouse and chapel on his property. Sheeran gave them $1 million for their home. Many believe if Sheeran lived in America, he wouldn’t have this problem. Unfortunately, the glitz and glamour wasn’t for him. “I used to live in New York and I went out every night but releasing Shape Of You took me to a new level of fame. I was meeting people every day from movies and music. I was getting sucked up into it. I felt myself getting drained,” he told Metro.

It’s Good To Be Sheeran

When it comes to making money, Sheeran is one of the highest-paid artists in the world. Last year, Sheeran made $432 million from touring in numerous countries. This number makes him the highest-grossing touring artist in 30 years. Throughout the year, he sold 4,860,482 tickets between 94 shows. With all that cash, Sheeran can build whatever he wants. We’re not sure what’s up his sleeve for his next creation.

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