5 Things That Duff Goldman Has Been Up To Since ‘Ace of Cakes’ Ended DirectExpose
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5 Things That Duff Goldman Has Been Up To Since ‘Ace of Cakes’ Ended

Published on May 8, 2019

Photo by John Parra/Getty Images For SOBEWFF

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? If so, then you’ll definitely remember Duff Goldman. But after he had hosted the show for 10 years, he basically fell off the map. Cake and baked goods fans everywhere are dying to know what happened to him. Here are five things that Duff Goldman has been up to since his show ended.



You guys don’t wanna miss the new episode of #DuffTakestheCake tonight at 10/9c on @foodnetwork! You (and @johnnapgoldman) get to have a look at how all three of our wedding cakes were created 🎊

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He Starred In A New Show

When Ace of Cakes ended, Goldman already had his eyes set on his next show on Food Network. Sugar High showed him traveling across America on a motorcycle to grub out on sweets. It was pretty much a dessert-themed version of Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins, and only lasted six episodes. A+ for effort!

He Became An Activist

One of the coolest things about Duff Goldman is that he’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right. When a bakery refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony in 2017, Goldman spoke up for decent-minded bakers everywhere. He described the situation as “nothing more than discrimination, plain and simple.”

He Penned A Cookbook

Goldman actually penned his own cookbook Duff Bakes: Think and Bake Like a Pro at Home in 2015. In the book, apart from sharing a ton of yummy recipes, he also tries to break down the art of baking. Plus, the cupcake fanatic dedicated his masterpiece to his mentor Cindy Wolf. What a sweetheart!

He Lost Toes In A Motorcycle Accident

Chances are, you’re well aware that Goldman is a motorcycle fanatic, but did you know that he lost several toes while riding his hog? In 2012, he was in a terrible bike crash and several of his toes were amputated. He vowed to stop riding, but he couldn’t keep his promise!



🎂 You guys, tune in to the season premiere of #DuffTakestheCake at 10/9c on @FoodNetwork! 🎂

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He Judged A Children’s Bake Off Show

By 2015, Goldman was back on Food NetworkBut this time, he signed on to judge the children’s show Kids Baking Championship, along with actress Valerie Bertinelli. The show features a lineup of kids between 10 and 13 years old flexing their baking skills, vying to impress the seasoned baker. Life is what you bake it!

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