Disney’s Live-Active ‘Aladdin’ Remake Passed The Original In Ticket Sales DirectExpose
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Disney’s Live-Active ‘Aladdin’ Remake Passed The Original In Ticket Sales

Published on June 22, 2019

Have you seen the latest Aladdin film yet? Featuring Will Smith as the Genie, the new film brings the magic of Agrabah back to a whole new generation of Disney lovers. Although reviewers were critical at first, the classic reboot smashed their expectations at the box office. Find out how Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake passed the original in ticket sales.

One Thousand And One Nights

Everyone remembers the original Aladdin, right? Based off of a classic tale from the book One Thousand and One Nights, it followed the lives of the loveable thief Ali, the beautiful princess Jasmine, and the fun-loving monkey Abu. Basically, Disney’s 1992 release of the original film blew everyone’s minds in the 90s. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the OG Aladdin was up against some pretty steep competition when it was first released. Even though it came out around the same time as A Few Good MenBatman Returns, andThe Bodyguard, Aladdin crushed its competition and became the #1 film at box offices around the world.

Shockingly, the original film grossed $504 million internationally throughout its stint in theaters. A true testament to the Disney Renaissance period, the film also stands as a tribute to Robin Williams as the Genie. Many critics thought it was hard to imagine how the remake would measure up to the 1992 original. In fact, the New York Times even gave the new flick a harsh review, saying it “may not be the worst product of the current era of legacy intellectual property exploitation (it’s likely that the worst is yet to come), but like most of the others it invites a simple question: Why?”

Return Of Prince Ali

However, Guy Ritchie’s 2019 remake of the beloved Aladdin film turned out to be a hit with audiences, if not with movie reviewers. Surprisingly, the film literally outperformed its predecessor. According to Box Office Mojo, Ritchie’s Aladdin made $604.9 million internationally within two weeks. Apparently, the remake raked in $232.4 million domestically and $372.5 million worldwide. Starring Mena Massoud in the role of Aladdin and Naomi Scott in the role of Jasmine, the reboot has defied the odds and become Disney’s fifth-most lucrative remake.

This is a particularly remarkable feat, especially since the 1992 Aladdin movie was the highest grossing animated flick of its time. Crazily enough, the new Aladdin is even more successful than the 2015 Disney remake of Cinderella, which made $543.5 million internationallyYet, it ranks just behind Disney’s 2014 film Maleficent, which brought in a cool $758.5 million.

Aladdin’s World

It’s Aladdin’s world, and we’re just living in it. The new film is definitely a stand-out hit in comparison to other movies released this year. Box Office Mojo reported that The Secret Life of Pets 2 wasn’t as successful as the original and that Dark Phoenix got bad reviews. The movie site also predicted that Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Rocketman would take a blow at the box office.

Although the Aladdin remake has smashed the original in ticket sales, things start to look different when you take inflation into account. For example, the 1992 Aladdin’s $232.4 million turns into $472 million in domestic ticket sales. Plus, the 90s Aladdin’s budget was $28 million in 1992, which would cost $183 million in today’s currency. Despite the fact that it’s not an exact comparison, it’s clear that Ritchie’s remake has unrolled the magic carpet for a new future of the Aladdin franchise. Since the reboot is still out at the movie theaters, only time will tell how much better it will do!

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