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What Will Disney Do With Fox’s R-Rated Franchises?

Published on September 6, 2018

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Fox is getting out of the movie-making business and sold their franchises off to Disney. While many see this as a good thing, it is also making others question the future of certain franchises. Disney has made their name on the backs of family-friendly properties that are fun while still being great films. Fox, meanwhile, is a studio know gamble with properties and regularly release R-rated movies. Will Disney’s “fun for the whole family” model change after the merger?

Addressing The Deadpool In The Room

Deadpool is a comic book superhero that is not safe for kids to read. Ryan Reynolds excellent portrayal of the character on film proved that audiences are receptive to this kind of hero. It went on to become the highest grossing R-rated film of all time.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has stated that there is room for an R-rated Marvel film. He did warn, however, that he would want to audience to be perfectly clear what they would be getting into.

Disney Acquired More Than Just The Superheroes

Fox sold all of their properties and their studios. This includes Fox Searchlight brand which is known for it’s more art orientated movies that have won several Academy Awards. A decent amount of the films produced under this label are R-rated. For instance, the spectacular 2014 film, Birdman.

Bob Iger has also reassured us that the Fox Searchlight brand will remain intact. A smart decision as it will allow them to continue making films that the Oscars love to praise.

If Push Comes To Shove, Then PG-13 Will Have To Do

Ultimately this decision as to whether to keep Fox’s R-rated franchises R-rated will be up to what Disney believes will garner them the most money. The movie industry is a business after all. The logical choice in order to keep their family friendly brand intact would be to make these films PG-13.

PG-13 films are limited to their how much violence they are allowed to show among other things. However, they are still allowed to have one f-bomb, which Fox’s X-Men franchise uses to great effect. Disney may copy this format of doing hard PG-13 films in order to appease both sides of the debate.

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