What’s The Deal With The Rumored Alternative Ending For “IT Chapter Two”? DirectExpose
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What’s The Deal With The Rumored Alternative Ending For “IT Chapter Two”?

Published on October 31, 2019

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Horror fans couldn’t wait for the release of IT Chapter Two. This time around, members of the Losers Club reunite to take down the clown Pennywise. Weeks after its release, actor James Ransone got folks excited about a possible alternative ending.

What Kind Of Ending Is This?

Ransone, who plays an adult Eddie Kaspbrak in the film, shared a photo of props on his Instagram. Fans weren’t paying attention to the tray of shirts, though. They stared straight at a flyer with the caption: “In Loving Memory Of Richard Tozier.” In the film, Tozier, who is played by Bill Hader, has a successful career as a stand-up comedian. Towards the end, Tozier had to say goodbye to Kaspbrak, who was killed by Pennywise.

As expected, fans were confused at what they saw. “Stop it. Stop. it. Ur not allowed to play with my heart like that,” Instagram user jokers.101 said. Some fans just wanted to share their experience with the new film. “Stop I’m crying. I watched It Chapter 2 last night and I started crying at the part w Eddie and then I started laughing because I was sad and I couldn’t stop laughing because I was depressed because Eddie and Richie,” Instagram user christi_g5 said. Some fans who haven’t seen IT Chapter Two rightfully thought it was a spoiler.

In the It novel and ’90s miniseries, Tozier doesn’t die. An alternative ending could find him switching places with Kaspbrak. Another alternative ending could mean both friends meeting their maker.

This Looks Familiar

Some fans recognized where the flyer arrived in the movie. “Idk why no one remembers that during Richie’s memory hunt, he was handed a flier for his own death. This is just a prop,” Instagram user mmmagsimus said. In the film, a zombified Adrian Mellon handed Tozier the flyer before Pennywise appeared. The following scene featured Pennywise exposing Tozier’s secret of being a gay man. At the beginning of the film, Mellon, who is also gay, was murdered by Pennywise.

For the movie, Hader and director Andy Muschietti wanted to truly showcase Tozier’s sexuality. “Andy and I talked about how overt we should make it, and I said if it’s not overt, then why is he in the movie? You can’t do a half measure on it. You’ve got to go the full way or don’t even allude to it. Let’s not be coy. Let’s just say what it is,” Hader told The New York Times. The actor had to shoot multiple scenes of Kaspbrak’s death. Each take found him portraying sorrow differently. “We did one where he’s clearly dead, and I’m refusing to recognize it. And somewhere I was very tender with him, where I’m caressing his face — this is the person I love, and it wasn’t just lust. It’s truly love,” Hader also told The New York Times.

IT author Stephen King never wrote Tozier’s sexuality in the book. He is fond of how they reworked his character for the movie. “It’s one of those things that’s kind of genius because it echoes the beginning. It comes full circle. At least there’s love involved. Somebody cares for [Eddie],” King told Vanity Fair. The author makes a cameo appearance in the film as a pawn shop owner.

You’ll Float Again

While this rumored alternative ending could be fake, the love for IT Chapter Two is real. On its opening weekend, the film grossed $91 million in North America. This is the second-best opening for a horror film ever. As of this writing, the film has earned $448 million worldwide. IT Chapter Two can expect accolades at ceremonies such as the Saturn Awards and Teen Choice Awards.



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