Danny Boyle Reveals He’s Avoiding Franchises After ‘Bond 25’ Exit DirectExpose
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Danny Boyle Reveals He’s Avoiding Franchises After ‘Bond 25’ Exit

Published on June 30, 2019

Danny Boyle had the job of a lifetime as the director of the forthcoming Bond 25 film. Unfortunately, the native of England walked away from the project. Now, he’s realizing that he’s simply not cut out for these big-time movies.

Sticking To Smaller Films

In an interview with Metro, Boyle discussed what he gained from his time working on Bond 25. “I learned my lesson that I am not cut out [for franchises] otherwise you’re digging in the same hole. I am better not quite in the mainstream franchise movies, is the honest answer,” he told the publication. His exit from Bond 25 stemmed from typical creative differences.

“I learned quite a lot about myself with Bond, I work in partnership with writers and I am not prepared to break it up. We were working very, very well, but they didn’t go down that route with us, so we decided to part company and it would be unfair to say what it was because I don’t know what Cary [Fukunaga] is going to do,” he also told the publication. Fukunaga took over the director position following Boyle’s exit. The California native is best known for his work on HBO’s True Detective. In 2014, he won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for the episode “Who Goes There.” Fukunaga will be the first American to direct a James Bond film.

He Wanted Bond Dead?

Like everything else, rumors have been swirling about some behind the scenes action. One major one involved Boyle wanting to kill off Bond. Boyle wasn’t looking to put an end to the franchise. An unnamed source told Daily Star that he wanted to introduce a brand new Bond. For years, people have been wondering if a female Bond would ever come to the big screen. Bond 25 producer Barbara Broccoli shut down the possibilities of that happening soon. “Bond is male. He’s a male character. He was written as a male and I think he’ll probably stay as a male. And that’s fine. We don’t have to turn male characters into women. Let’s just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters,” she told The Guardian.

Former Bond girl Eva Green also agrees with Broccoli. “Women can play different types of characters, be in action movies and be superheroes but James Bond should always be a man and not be Jane Bond,” she told Vanity Fair. Green appeared in 2006’s Casino Royale as Bond girl Vesper Lynd. Her performance earned her the BAFTA Rising Star Award at the 60th British Academy Film Awards.

Still On Top

Luckily, Boyle has been one of the best English film directors of all time. In 1996, he turned heads with his breakout film Trainspotting. In 2017, Boyle released the long-awaited sequel titled T2 Trainspotting, which included the original cast. His 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire earned him a Best Director win at the 2009 Oscars. Following that film’s release, Boyle took care of its child actors Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail. “We sent them to a wonderful school. They’re called the Aseema Schools, which are run by these women who take over abandoned state schools and offer a wonderful education, really. They’re benefiting hugely but could benefit more by improving their attendance. [Slumdog producer Christian Colson and I] go to Mumbai at least once a year. We strongly believe that the fairytale stuff can come true for them, but comes true through years of education,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

While he’s no longer a part of Bond 25, there’s a great chance he’ll still check it out. Bond 25 is set to be released on April 8, 2020.

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