How This ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partnership Developed Into Something Much More DirectExpose
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How This ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partnership Developed Into Something Much More

Published on May 28, 2019

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec appeared on the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars in 2015. Though he didn’t make it to the final round, he did end up winning something even more valuable— the love of his wife,  Kym Johnson. Their relationship caused controversy, as Herjavec was at the time married to another woman and allegedly dating a third. However, the couple managed to find love despite the turbulence and start a happy family after the show.

Herjavec Ends His Marriage

Before Herjavec met Kym on Dancing With The Stars, he was married to Diane Plese. The couple had been together for over 24 years, but the bond between them had started to fade. He told several publications after the fact that they had both been unhappy for quite some time, and that the decision to separate was best for the family. It took some time after the divorce for Herjavec to be ready to commit to Johnson, even though they were the best of friends on the show. He no doubt missed Diane, and getting used to family life after their separation was difficult. However, after some time he came to terms with the situation and was ready to start looking for love, which is when he and Kym became serious with their relationship.

Herjavec and Johnson Bond on DWTS

Robert and Diane Plese separated in July 2014. Though he was still married in 2015 when he went on Dancing With The Stars, he and Plese were preparing for a divorce and no longer living together. During this tough time, he met Kym Johnson, and their chemistry was palpable from the beginning. They were reportedly inseparable at the DWTS premiere after-party, and in the fourth week of competition, Robert doted on Kym and their friendship. He said, “She’s a great dancer and she’s become a great friend… It’s more than just the dancing. I think we just get along great!” Rumors started that they were dating, but the pair kept quiet about their growing attraction. However, the rumors caught fire when Herjavec and Johnson actually kissed during one of their dances on live television. During a contemporary dance to the song “Champagne Kisses,” the two locked lips for a brief moment, and the audience gave them a roaring round of applause. They both said backstage that the kiss wasn’t planned and that it was for the performance only, but it was hard for them to hide their attraction from that moment forward. Herjavec said about the kiss in an interview, “We’re professional dancers, we were just in the moment.” However, after the show, they started openly dating, and didn’t have to deny anymore that the kiss was a symbol of so much more than showmanship.

Herjavec And Johnson Finally Find Happiness

The couple got together in February 2015, just after the split between Herjavec and Plese. They were engaged just a year after, and couldn’t have been happier in the eyes of the public. The two were always gushing about their relationship to the press, and continued to do so after they tied the knot. Herjavec proposed with a 6.37-carat ring that sparkled at the Elton John Oscars party, the night after they got engaged. Though their dating life and engagement were short, the couple agrees that for them, it felt as if they’d known each other forever. It’s no surprise since most Dancing With The Stars couples become very close during the show. Though they were eliminated from dancing with the stars just before the semifinals, they still dance together to keep in good shape. Robert remembers a particular moment fondly, where he and his wife were able to dance together in front of an intimate crowd while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. He told People magazine, “There was a band and people were dancing, and just before we go up there, [Kym] teaches me a quick salsa…” He went on to say how the entire restaurant gave them a standing ovation, and that it was a dream come true to share that moment with Kym. They did a special dance number to the song “At Last” for their wedding, which attendees said was beautifully touching.

What Are They Up To Now?

Herjavec and Johnson have been happily married since July 2016. Johnson wore a timeless Monique Lhuillier gown, and the wedding was adorned with lovely white floral arrangements and elegant candle lighting. A year and a half later, they announced that the Herjavek family would be adding another — they were expecting their first baby. The announcement of twins came as a surprise to both the parents and fans. The Herjavecs welcomed Hudson and Haven into the world on April 23rd, 2018. Though family life keeps them very busy, the couple still makes time to dance together and travel the world. In the press, they are always seen happy together and raising their children in their Los Angeles home. Aside from living the family life, Robert is working with the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. He visited the shelter a few years back and became acutely aware of the increasing problem of homelessness in America. He has since become a donor and supporter of the mission and their programs for underprivileged people in Seattle. He is not only a donor but has gathered over 300,000 pairs of socks to help clothe the residents of the shelter.

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