5 Crazy Things That You Didn’t Know About Mick Jagger DirectExpose
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5 Crazy Things That You Didn’t Know About Mick Jagger

Published on April 20, 2019

Photo by Mark Baker/Sony Music Archive via Getty Images

Ever heard of the Rolling Stones? If not, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last 50 years. Everyone knows Mick Jagger is 100% legendary. But maybe you didn’t know that he’s survived a murder plot or that he hates interviews. Here are five crazy things that you didn’t know about Mick Jagger.

He Doesn’t Do Interviews

It’s hard to believe that someone this famous could avoid doing press interviews. But Mick Jagger is so epic, he pretty much lets the music speak for itself. And clearly, it’s working very well. He doesn’t do press nowadays because, as he says, “why do things you don’t need to?”

He’s Not Impressed By America

When Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones first landed in America in 1964, it was a much different time. America was still segregated and much of the nation was very conservative. He just didn’t fit into the social scene back then. America was clearly way too square for this British rocker!

He Survived A Murder Plot

Believe it or not, someone actually wanted Jagger dead at some point. After beefing with the Hells Angels, the motorcycle gang plotted revenge on Jagger. They planned to attack his home in the Hamptons from the coast, but a storm came and overturned their boat, throwing them into the sea!

He Writes His Songs On Tour

Ever wonder what inspires a Rolling Stones’ song? According to Jagger, it’s all about location, location, location. Whether he’s poolside in Tampa, Florida or in the middle of nowhere in Australia, he’s constantly inspired by the things he sees on tour. And he’s not going to be running out of content anytime soon!

He’s A Fan Of Tequila Sunrises

Last but not least, if you ever run into Mick Jagger in a bar, you should know what his favorite drink is. This rock guru prefers tequila sunrises, and his choice of drink even inspired the Eagles’ song of the same name. What an epic story. Long live the original hipster!

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