From Fake Purses to Horrible Haircuts- Costume Designers Spill Their Secrets DirectExpose
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From Fake Purses to Horrible Haircuts- Costume Designers Spill Their Secrets

Published on April 14, 2020


From making sure a character’s costume is historically accurate, to making sure the set’s wardrobe survives hundred of takes, costume designers are the unsung heroes of Hollywood. Not only are they responsible for bringing characters to life on the screen, they often have to deal with drama behind the scenes as well. Continue reading to hear some of the most fascinating wardrobe secrets behind your favorite television shows.

1. Chernobyl-From One Disaster to Another

In 2019, audiences were captivated by the HBO’s haunting series Chernobyl. The show focused on the aftermath of the nuclear disaster, with many scenes featuring  cast members wearing protective gear and masks. Little did costume designers  know, that in a chilling turn of events, their manufacturing skills would play a real role in combating another health crisis–Coronavirus Disease.


Peris Costumes, the Spanish costume design company behind the series, realized that they could assist in the shortage of masks and other protective garments. They donated costumes from the set, and began producing additional masks and other protective items for hospitals and other institutions battling the deadly virus.

2.The O.C.- Fake it Until You Make it

In the early 2000s, television was dominated by teen dramas. One show that was able to capture the hearts of audiences, was The O.C. The teen drama revolved around an eccentric group of teens navigating  life. Fans identified with the struggles faced by the characters, and loved the show’s soundtrack , but one issue remained- budget. How could costume designers dress their leads in designer garb on shoestring budget?


The answer was a bit creative, and possibly illegal. In the first season, costume designers were forced to use knock-off purses to exude the image of glamour and wealth the script called for. Luckily, the show became a massive hit, and designers soon begged to have their designs featured on the dramaץ

3. Friends-The One Where Rachel Hated Her Hair

There are few iconic hair styles that have stood the test of time, “The Rachel” was not one of them. The layered look,  named after the character Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) on the hit series Friends, sent shock waves through the beauty industry. Millions of women flocked to their stylists, armed with pictures of the actress, begging for the look. So what was the problem with the famous hairdo?


It turned out that replicating the “Rachel” required hairdressing skills that most women, including Jennifer Aniston, didn’t possess. Not only was the look difficult to style at home, but Aniston became so disgusted by it, she told Allure, “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen”. Despite ditching her famous haircut, Aniston continues to have one of Hollywood’s most coveted manes.

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