Someone Totaled The Cost Of The Property Damage In The Rock’s Movies–Just Wait Till You See The Number DirectExpose
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Someone Totaled The Cost Of The Property Damage In The Rock’s Movies–Just Wait Till You See The Number

Published on December 6, 2019


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started his career as a professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation. His character, The Rock, is an icon of ’90s pro wrestling. Since transitioning to acting, Johnson has become an icon of the action movie genre.

His wrestling background gave him a solid background in performance, so few were surprised when he started landing role after role. His work as a professional wrestler also gave him a leg up in Hollywood because he was comfortable doing his own stunts.

Most of the movies Johnson stars in involve a lot of destruction, as most action movies do. But the ones Johnson stars in seem to involve more destruction than most. In his movies, entire cities have been leveled by natural disasters or monsters –or natural disasters and monsters: buildings are smashed, and let’s not even try to count how many cars have been wrecked since he joined the Fast and the Furious franchise.

The movie critique website Rotten Tomatoes noticed Johnson’s propensity for destroying things in his movies and asked an interesting question. They wondered how much all that destruction would actually cost if it happened in real life. And since they’re Rotten Tomatoes and they love everything to do with movies, they decided the question was worth answering.

Totaling The Rock’s Destruction

So, the team over at Rotten Tomatoes set out to put a dollar figure to Johnson’s fictional destruction.

Wondering about the process they used to get to their estimate? It all started with a movie binge, of course. A few members of the editorial staff watched every single movie Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has starred in. While they were watching all these movies, they took detailed notes about every single thing that was damaged or destroyed throughout the movie. They wrote down every vehicle that crashed or blew up, noting the exact type of vehicle it was so they could look up values. They wrote down every building that was damaged or leveled, noting whether it was a real-life building that they could value or just a generic skyscraper. They made note of every bridge, dam and city that was completely destroyed.

Then, they researched the value of every single thing that was damaged or destroyed. When possible, the Rotten Tomatoes team used real values, like the price of the vehicles or famous buildings. When there were no specific values available, they used a generic value that was deemed representative.

So, how much did all that destruction cost? Over 12 trillion dollars. $12,213,644,538,000 to be exact.

The Rock’s Most Expensive Destructions

Once they came up with the total dollar amount, the Rotten Tomatoes team decided to rank Johnson’s movies by the cost of the destruction. What movie topped the list for most-expensive? San Andreas. In fact, this movie accounted for a whopping $10 trillion of the total cost. Considering San Andreas features the destruction of multiple cities by a series of earthquakes, it makes sense that the cost would be so astronomical. The second most-costly movie in terms of destruction was GI Joe: Retaliation. A single scene in that movie – the destruction of London – came in at $2 trillion dollars. So, just two of Johnson’s movies account for $12 trillion of the total cost. Other movies that fell into the highest tier of destruction costs included Doom, Rampage, and The Fate of the Furious.

The Rock’s least destructive movie? Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Probably because there weren’t any buildings, bridges, or large structures for him to destroy in the middle of the jungle!

Bet The Rock is happy he doesn’t actually have to pay any of those bills!

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