Civil Unrest in Mexico, a World Trend? DirectExpose
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Civil Unrest in Mexico, a World Trend?

Published on March 15, 2017

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Mainstream media many would argue, has become compromised, bought and paid for by corporate government to only broadcast a message in line with their agenda. Whether the former is true or it is simply because controversy converts to poor ratings, the fact remains that mainstream media simply doesn’t like to cover civil unrest, unless it turns violent, and is on our own streets.

A good example of this mum’s the word policy is the protests in Mexico occurring right now. Many are not only unaware of the protests, but of the general state and standard of living in Mexico.

Unapologetic Corruption

While some of the more established and what you might call, “bigger players’ in the world economy at least attempt to cover up corruption, (something that has become increasingly harder thanks in part to the internet) in Mexico this corruption is far more blatant and open.

Part of the cause of this civil unrest comes from the soaring gas prices, which due to internal corruption has risen over 20%.

As a result, according to Zero Hedge, it takes about “the equivalent of 12 days of a minimum wage to fill a tank of gas — compared to the U.S.’ seven hours.” While many think this is the root cause of the protests, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Dirty Underbelly

Mexican citizens have simply become tired of being bullied by their government, one that they have found has entered into formal agreements with drug cartels.

The Mexican government’s dirty underbelly only gets filthier the further you explore. Inflation is running rampant in Mexico as well, destroying the working class and economy via the fiat financial system that is basically a streamlined inflation device.

Another problem Mexico faces is its agricultural industry being completely undermined by U.S. Government farming subsidies on mainstay crops like corn. The border tensions of late certainly are not helping the issues bubbling up either.

Civil Unrest Everywhere

All these issues in Mexico have combined to create a volatile cocktail of civil unrest that is about to blow. With other countries having open protests as well such as Sweden, Spain, and Romania, one starts to wonder whether this dissatisfaction with government is contagious.

This is especially interesting when you consider all of the recent evidence of corruption surfacing in governments all over the world, largely including the United States.

So are all world governments in for a serious reform? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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