Christina Hendricks Announces She’s The Hand Model For Iconic ‘American Beauty’ Poster DirectExpose
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Christina Hendricks Announces She’s The Hand Model For Iconic ‘American Beauty’ Poster

Published on September 8, 2019

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What would your reaction be if your hand was going to be used on an iconic movie poster? If you’re lost for words, just ask Christina Hendricks, who revealed she was the hand model for the Academy Award-winning film, American Beauty. When fans and fellow celebrities learned the news, they couldn’t believe it.

Working As A Hand Model

When performers are just starting their careers, they pick up an array of odd jobs. They usually work in coffee shops or appear as a minor guest star in television shows. For Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, she worked as a receptionist and shampoo girl at a hair salon before entering a beauty competition to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Entering the contest resulted in the future actress signing with an IMG Models agency. At just 18 years old, she moved to New York City and began modeling in New York, London, and Japan.

In her early 20s, Hendricks continued working as a model, sometimes a hand model, before auditioning for acting roles. She finally rose to fame while starring as Joan Holloway on Mad Men, an iconic television show in its own right, but before then, Hendricks was a part of another classic film: American Beauty. Fans had no idea.

An Iconic Movie Poster

Released on September 17, 1999, American Beauty was an instant hit with film fans and critics. The movie, starring Kevin Spacey, documents the experiences for Lester Burnham, a telesales operative who becomes disillusioned with his existence. He wants new adventures, but these events soon affect his entire family. The successful film won Oscars for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor [to Spacey], and Best Film. But fans probably didn’t know Hendricks played a key role in the movie’s poster.

Nearly 20 years after the film’s release, Hendricks revealed her hand was used for the movie’s promotional poster. She announced on Instagram: “Fun fact…wait for it…I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model…this is my hand and another model’s stomach…proud to be a part of this film in ANY WAY!!”



Fun fact…. wait for it…I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model…. this is my hand and another model’s stomach….proud to be a part if this film in ANY WAY!!! #americanbeauty

A post shared by Christina Hendricks (@actuallychristinahendricks) on

Apparently, when Hendricks worked as a hand model, she provided material for the famous American Beauty poster, but it has been a secret all these years. Now, the truth is out in the open and fans couldn’t believe the news. Even Hendricks’s friends were shocked at the announcement, including her former Mad Men costar January Jones. She commented, “This is important. How come I didn’t know this?”

That’s a good question, January. Why didn’t we know about this? Why was it a secret all these years? In her Instagram post, Hendricks didn’t explain why no one knew about the secret, but the news was enough to gather social media attention.

Rachael Leigh Cook commented, “What else are you hiding from us??” You never know what Hendricks has hidden up her sleeve. Next week, she could post another shocking secret no one knew about and it will change everything we have ever known.

Social Media Reaction

Hendricks’s friends probably thought they should have been told about this secret [and maybe they should have], but fans quickly reacted to the news. Instagram users commented on Hendricks’s post, expressing their amazement that the actress’s hand is forever a part of cinematic history. They are also shocked to find out that the hand and stomach in the poster don’t belong to the same person.

One Instagram user [@amyburkhart] said, “This is the fact of the day I didn’t know I needed.” Another user [@bah.cavalher] commented, “I got up this morning and thought it was gonna be a regular day and now BAMM!”

People now know a fun fact about an iconic film, but this news only leads to another big question: Whose stomach is in the poster? Currently, no one has come forward and revealed the identity behind the stomach in the iconic poster, but maybe we will one day learn the answer. It might even be your favorite celebrity.

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