Chris Brown Reveals Adorable Picture Of His Newborn Son, Aeko DirectExpose
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Chris Brown Reveals Adorable Picture Of His Newborn Son, Aeko

Published on January 7, 2020

Chris Brown

Does life really get any cuter than a photo of a 3-week-old baby with his 5-year-old sister doting on him? Chris Brown recently revealed the first full picture of his newborn son, Aeko (pronounced ‘Echo’- don’t worry, we struggled too) Catori Brown on Instagram. The Grammy award-winning R&B rapper is now the proud father of two absolutely adorable children, newborn Aeko and 5-year-old Royalty.

It’s been a decade since Brown’s tumultuous relationship with pop-star Rihanna, which found him splashed across many front-page tabloids for less than ideal reasons. Brown struggled with negative media attention and found his songs dropped from the radio in the wake of the onslaught.

Since then, however, Brown has been represented in a far more wholesome light. Already the father of Royalty, whose mother is 34-year-old model Nia Guzman, he has now welcomed a new addition to the Brown clan. Since separating from Royalty’s mother, Brown has held a slew of high-profile relationships with various women, such as Draya Michele, Karrueche Tran, and more recently Ammika Harris, from whom he is now also separated.

Sense A Trend Here? Us Too…

We really, really pity Brown. It must be super hard constantly dating high profile models, some of whom are happy to bear your children! A difficult life, indeed…

His extremely photogenic family now consists of a beautiful baby and appropriately sassy 5-year-old (who, we hear, requested a Balenciaga outfit from her father for Christmas!). The outfit set Brown back $645, according to the DailyMail. However, in another recent super-adorable photo, Royalty is seen donning an incredibly cute Christmas themed jumper, looking thrilled at the new addition.

Brown was rumored to be dating model Indyamarie, 25, in May 2019. They split just a month later when Ammika Harris announced she was pregnant with Brown’s baby.

The singer, 30, gave the ultimate tease when he posted a photo on Instagram of him gazing lovingly down at something just slightly off the frame, with the caption 11-20-2019. It wasn’t until weeks later that the photo of Aeko came to light. He is a beautiful baby, as is to be expected when your parents are a pair of famous artists and models! It’s too early to tell who he’ll take after most, but with parents like that, he’ll definitely be something of a heartthrob.

Leaving The Past Behind?

Despite splitting up midway through Ammika’s pregnancy, it is reported that Brown and Ammika are on ‘good terms’. Brown is quoted as saying he will ‘support [Ammika] financially, medically and emotionally’ throughout the upbringing of their child. With Brown’s less-than-perfect behavior well in the past, is he a changed man?

He certainly looks the part in the Instagram post, which at the time of writing boasts 2,770,373 likes. Aeko is pictured in an idyllic slumber, held tight by his loving father, who wears a Louis Vuitton hat and an all-black outfit. Justin Beiber even puts in his two cents, commenting ‘congrats’ on the photo of Brown embracing his tiny bundle of cuteness. Aeko sure isn’t going to be short of celebrity pals when he grows up!

Brown certainly appears to be a doting father by the looks of his Instagram. He regularly posts updates on his daughter Royalty, always wearing amazing outfits and generally being the cutest 5-year-old ever. Royalty looks as though she’ll be a great older sister to Aeko, and although their family is a little separate, Brown is on good terms with both of the mothers of his children.

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