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Will Charlie Sheen Run for President in 2020?

Published on January 1, 2017

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If you were thinking that the 2016 Presidential Election was one of the weirdest of our times, just wait till 2020. Actor Charlie Sheen, 51, wants to run for president in four years time, with Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, 46, as his running mate.

On Friday, Sheen sent out a tweet asking Ted Cruz to be his running mate in 2020. In the tweet, Sheen said that both of them together could unseat Trump. Sheen also made up a hashtag, #SheenCruz2020 to go with his tweet and added a picture of Cruz and himself in front of the American Flag.

in 4 years
we can unseat this guy!!

You bring the AWESOME,
I’ll bring the WINNING!!
©#SheenCruz2020 pic.twitter.com/dXxGPKVX5m

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) December 30, 2016

Sheen has acted as the U.S. President in a 2013 film named Machete Kills. It appears that he has ambitions of reprising the role in real life too!

So, is such a partnership going to take place to challenge Trump in 2020? Not likely if you look up Cruz’s tweet a couple of days ago in response to Sheen’s earlier tweet on Wednesday. That particular tweet by Sheen, had a prayer to God asking for Trump to be next in the line of celebrity deaths. Cruz in his response had criticized Sheen for tweeting his wish for the President-elect’s death.

Dear God;

Trump next, please!
Trump next, please!
Trump next, please!
Trump next, please!
Trump next, please!
Trump next, please!



— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) December 29, 2016

In response to Sheen’s recent tweet about the 2020 elections, Cruz tweeted a photo of Sheen’s father Martin Sheen, joking that Americans had rejected another political dynasty. This tweet was referring to Martin Sheen’s depiction of President Jed Bartlet in the hit TV show, The West Wing.

Glad to see @charliesheen embracing conservative principles, but Americans just rejected another political dynasty. https://t.co/uvGN566yhm pic.twitter.com/Yxq0Mddwgn

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 31, 2016

Cruz, one of the Republican presidential nominees, eventually lost to Trump. He has had a rocky relationship with Trump in the past. During the presidential primary campaign, Trump had retweeted a message insulting the looks of Cruz’s wife. He had also accused Cruz’s father of somehow having a hand in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Cruz himself refused to either endorse or support Trump throughout the Republican National Convention.


This stance did draw considerable criticism from a lot of Republicans. Eventually, Cruz announced his support for Trump. After Trump won the election, a meeting between the two former rivals took place at Trump Towers. This meeting fueled speculation the Trump was considering making Cruz a member of his cabinet. However, no announcement about this was made after the meeting.

Would you vote for Charlie Sheen? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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