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Who Will Play Catwoman And The Penguin In New Batman Movie?

Published on June 11, 2019

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Producer Matt Reeves is currently underway with the newest Batman movie. Since The Dark Knight Rises, which was released in 2012, there hasn’t been a standalone Batman movie released, and fans are eager for more. Luckily the Cloverfield and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director has taken on the challenge. Reeves recently announced his casting choice for the iconic Bruce Wayne, Robert Pattinson. Now That we know who will be our hero, who will go up against him in The Batman?

Which Villians Will Resurface In “The Batman”?

Robert Pattinson as the choice for Bruce Wayne was a surprising one to say the least. Very few people realize Pattinson has done so much more with his career than the Twilight movies, but they should give him a fair chance in this new role. However, the question remains, who will Pattinson be fighting for or against in this new feature film? Many speculate that since the past few movies have focused on the fight between Batman and The Joker, Reeves will mix it up and choose The Penguin as the main villain in the new film. The Penguin has been in very few Batman films, so it’s naturally time for his comeback. Others spectate that Batman’s true love, Selina Kyle, will be a primary character in Reeve’s Batman rendition. However, the casting choices for these top characters are still left to mystery.

Who Will Play Catwoman And The Penguin?

Fans are excited to see a Batman movie with both The Penguin and Catwoman as main characters in a modern movie. Both characters last appeared in a Batman movie together in Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns. The characters were played by Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer then, but have not appeared as characters in the same film since. Catwoman was played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, but Reeves has not mentioned choosing Hathaway to play her in the newest movie. Since many of the Batman movies have been standalone films, there’s no reason why Reeves wouldn’t let another actor take a shot at a Selina Kyle performance. Vanessa Hudgens has recently expressed interest in the role, which has opened the doors to speculation on who else Reeves might audition. Though there’s no official word on who will take on the Catwoman, several actors have stepped up to the plate in hopes of being cast as The Penguin. Josh Gad, talented voice and theatre actor, alluded on social media that he would be very interested in playing The Penguin. Ansel Elgort from The Goldfinch has met with Reeves to discuss playing the role. However, no confirmations have been made, yet. Some other top choices may include Jonah Hill and Paul Giamatti, who have not explicitly expressed interest but would no doubt be fan favorites.

What We Know About The Batman So Far

Robert Pattinson hasn’t signed his contract with Warner Bros. just yet, but it is safe to assume that once the paperwork is all done, he will be ready to film. We also know that Ben Affleck, who played Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a writer for the film. Not much else is know about the plot, but with Pattinson’s casting, it is plausible that the movie will be more about Batman’s creativity, ingenuity, and detective skills rather than his brute strength. No one but Reeves, Affleck, and Pattinson will know for quite some time. However, we will all get to find out who fills the other pivotal roles of Catwoman and The Penguin on June 25, 2021, when The Batman is scheduled to hit theatres.

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