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Cast Of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Looks Back On Iconic Show 50 Years Later

Published on October 22, 2019

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It has been 50 years since America was introduced to their favorite television family: The Brady Bunch. The show resonated with fans who felt like the Brady family was their own family. To celebrate the monumental anniversary, members of the show’s unforgettable cast (“The Brady Kids,” as they’ll always be remembered) shared heartfelt messages about the show on social media.

An Iconic Family

Fifty years ago, on September 26, 1969, America met Carol (the lovely lady) and her three lovely girls with hair of gold (Marcia, Jan, and Cindy, the youngest one in curls). Viewers met Mike Brady and his three busy boys (Greg, Peter, and Bobby). They lived all alone until one day, when the lady (Carol) met this fellow (Mike), and they knew that their children could be one big happy family. That’s the way they became the Brady bunch.

For five seasons, television viewers watched the latest adventures of the Brady family. There were many memorable moments from the iconic 1970’s show. But, according to the cast, there were even more unforgettable moments behind-the-scenes—as the cast and crew formed their own family. In honor of the special 50th anniversary, The Brady Bunch cast members shared heartfelt messages about what the show means to them.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Maureen McCormick, who played the eldest Brady daughter, Marcia, shared a heartfelt message on Twitter and a photograph from the series’ debut episode, “The Honeymoon.” She reflected on what the show means to her 50 years later. She wrote, “This show and all the crew, cast, extended family members, and fans of the show will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

Eve Plumb, who played Jan, shared her opinion on why the show was a huge success. She commented, “It was a very nice, safe, fun show, knowing that nothing scary was going to happen and that problems would be solved in 20 minutes. It was familiar – like a chocolate chip cookie.”

Withstood The Test Of Time

Christopher Knight, who played Peter, reflected that the show’s 117 episodes have become treasured classics in television history. He shared a “groovy” (yes, we’re back to the ‘70s) animated photo of the cast on Instagram. Knight commented, “But as you can see, we have stood the test of time and probably will forever thanks to all of you who have shown us so much support over the years!” We hope Knight also celebrated by eating pork chops and applesauce. Isn’t that swell?

Renovating The Iconic Brady House

The cast of The Brady Bunch recently reunited to film HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation, in which the “Brady Kids” helped renovate the real-life North Hollywood home that served as the exterior of the Brady house. The show redesigned the interior to look like the iconic Brady house we all know and love.

HGTV recreated the memorable Brady staircase, living room sofas, dining room table sets, Mike’s den, the boys’ and girls’ bedrooms, joined by the Jack and Jill bathroom, Greg’s groovy attic bedroom, Mike and Carol’s master bedroom, Alice’s bedroom, the signature avocado green-and-orange kitchen, the family room with the ’70s-style wood paneling, and the backyard with a teeter-totter, swing set, and a doghouse for Tiger.

“I felt exactly like I did on that set years ago, like I was back on Stage 5 on the Paramount lot,” McCormick shared. She reflected on the cast members they have lost: Robert Reed (Mike), Florence Henderson (Carol), and Ann B. Davis (Alice). “There have been some hard, emotional moments for me. More than once, I had to turn away from the cameras because I’m still grieving the loss of cast members. But the end result was better than I could have ever dreamt or expected.”

McCormick added, “All the people that HGTV brought in to be a part of this, it was like our family got bigger and they’re all part of the family now forever.” Fans will always be a part of the Brady family, as well. They loved the family 50 years ago, and they still love them now. After all, they’re America’s family. You always love your family.

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