‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Cashes in as a Villainous Viral Star DirectExpose
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‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Cashes in as a Villainous Viral Star

Published on April 17, 2017

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Danielle Brigoli, also known as “cash me ousside” girl has become an Internet sensation after her appearance on CBS’s TV show “Dr. Phil”. Most people thought that her villain attitude and rude behavior are somewhat entertaining.

Danielle was brought by her mother, Barbara Anne Brigoli, to “Dr. Phil” in order to help her daughter get off of her bad habits. During her appearance at the TV show “Dr. Phil”, Danielle admitted that she had been stealing cars, credit cards and doing other nasty stuff, which is anti-social and self-destructive. She even claims that she can get away with everything, stating that;

“That’s what I always do and they never catch me, ain’t nobody going to catch me”.

The tough talking teenager even called out the audience at the show. Calling them “hoes” and telling them to “cash me ousside”. What she really was saying was to “catch me outside”, which meant that they go outside and do what they have to do, as her mom explains to Dr. Phil and the audience.

Since then Danielle has appeared on a music video, did a bunch of promotions for different companies and went to different photo shoots for various products. The music video was later on taken down after the young tough talker was seen in a video giving a fellow passenger a hammer fist to the face on a Spirit Airlines flight.

Analysts say that if Danielle wants to keep her fame and stardom she must turn a leaf and start doing something that has more meaning and importance. Instead of being a renegade with no purpose she should be a renegade who is fighting for something.

Jonathan Davids, CEO of Influicity, an influencer marketing platform, said “it is hard to find financial longevity in being a villain on social media”. Other experts also agree that Danielle should find something to change her image if she wants to stay a while longer. Whether she does that or not is yet to seen.

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