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Captain Marvel Is Arguably More Powerful Than Scarlet Witch In The MCU

Published on May 3, 2019

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When it comes to who’s the most powerful MCU character, fans are split between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. Both of these heroes possess insane powers beyond our imagination. When it comes down to it, though, there’s no way Scarlet Witch can compete.

Time To Power Up

One reason why Captain Marvel is the most superior involves how she got her powers. In the film, Carol Danvers fully absorbs the Mind Stone’s power following an explosion. If that wasn’t enough, becoming a Kree-Human through a blood transfusion by the Kree Empire unlocked more abilities. The Kree are the most powerful alien race in the MCU. Armed with superhuman abilities, they’re almost unstoppable. When they discovered Danvers harbored such powers from the stone, the Kree wanted to amplify everything.

Scarlet Witch was forced into experiments by Wolfgang von Strucker. The HYDRA leader wanted to test out Loki’s Scepter on some innocent people. This device was the holding vessel for the Mind Stone. Out of all the volunteers, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were the only two to survive. Unlike Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch didn’t get the full force of the Infinity Stone. She was only reconfigured by its power.

A Pocketful Of Stones

Another reason for Danvers winning this one involves the aforementioned Infinity Stones. Each Stone handles power in its own special way. The Space Stone is easily one of the most powerful stones out there. The stone gives Danvers the ability to manipulate cosmic energy to her will. If under the wrong hands, this stone can destroy an entire planet. The Mind Stone, however, isn’t as powerful. The stone allows you to manipulate people’s hearts and minds. While this can be beneficial in certain moments, it’s basically worthless in a massive fight.

How Long Can You Go?

The final reason why Danvers is the champ involves the limited use of power. In the films, Scarlet Witch drains herself if she continuously uses her superpowers. Due to being Kree-Human, Danvers can continuously use her powers without breaking a sweat. This was the complete opposite of what Yon-Rogg, the Starforce leader, wanted. Yon-Rogg takes in Danvers after the aforementioned blood transfusion. To make sure her powers couldn’t evolve, Yon-Rogg secretly placed a suppressor on her. After realizing what was going on, however, Danvers removed the device and took down Yon-Rogg. While Danvers is the dominant one, this won’t stop her from needing Scarlet Witch’s assistance.

Did we convince you? Would Captain Marvel win in a head-to-head with Scarlet Witch? You be the judge.

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