Jai Courtney Says Captain Boomerang Will Return for ‘The Suicide Squad’ DirectExpose
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Jai Courtney Says Captain Boomerang Will Return for ‘The Suicide Squad’

Published on April 26, 2019

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Suicide Squad fans are in for a treat with the latest announcement that Jai Courtney will be returning to play Captain Boomerang in The Suicide Squad 2. The 2016 debut of The Suicide Squad was filmed by James Gunn, Director of Guardians of the Galaxy. The film went on to win an Oscar and brought in more than $746 million in box offices.

Wait, Who is Captain Boomerang?

Captain Boomerang was played by Australian actor, Jai Courtney. Before his debut in The Suicide Squad, fans might have recognized him from his role in the 2014 movie, Divergent.

A lot of fans argued that Captain Boomerang was the best character in The Suicide Squad for the downright weirdness that embodied what his character and the movie was.

The Sequel Is A Secret

Despite Jai’s announcement of his role in the sequel film, he’s been offering few other insights to fans or entertainment news interviewers.

Jai told Business Insider, “We’re getting ready to shoot in a few months’ time. There’s not much else I can reveal about it but, yeah, you’ll be seeing Boomerang back for sure.”

What Else Do We Know About The Sequel So Far?

The last secret detail Jai leaked was his personal testimony, “I’m happy, it’s going to be fun. It will be different, for sure, but it’s going to be great.”

We have to assume that Harley Quinn will show up in some capacity because of the announced 2020 spinoff, Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley QuinnAllegedly, Will Smith will not be returning to play Deadshot due to scheduling issues, but we should expect Idris Elba to return as Deadshot.

Fans have one more year to keep their excitement contained as Suicide Squad 2 isn’t expected to hit theaters until early 2020.

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