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Breaking Bad Star In Talks To Join The MCU Rogues Gallery

Published on August 18, 2019


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been dominating the film industry. One factor that keeps Marvel in front of their competition is the elite caliber of actors in their films. Rumors suggest that Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito could play a substantial role in the MCU. Esposito would be another stellar member of Marvel’s all-star cast.

Esposito has been in the acting business for decades. Despite being around since the 1980s Esposito’s name doesn’t hold much star power. A dive into Esposito’s filmography reveals everything you need to know about the exquisite performer who could soon be in the MCU.

Esposito’s Impressive Resume

The early years of acting for Esposito started fairly quickly with him staring in two absolute classics, Do the Right Thing and The Usual Suspects. Those two films both received Academy Award Nominations. Esposito also landed a role in the recent remake of The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book was directed by the MCU actor and director John Favreau. Some of Esposito’s future works include The Mandalorian and The Long Home. The Mandalorian is a T.V. series based on the Star Wars franchise, also being directed by John Favreau. The Long Home is a film being directed by the Academy Award-nominated James Franco. These are just a few select movies from his filmography that layout a nice picture of Esposito’s impressive range.

Despite being in several impressive films Esposito’s most notable role comes as the antagonist in the television series Breaking Bad. Esposito played off of the Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston perfectly. This role showed audiences that Esposito’s acting chops are on par with some of the best thespians in the business. The ability to play off other actors is key in the MCU and Esposito seems well equipped for the task.

The MCU seemingly has loads of roles to fill with the upcoming 4th phase beginning soon. Esposito’s aforementioned range makes him a perfect fit for almost any character. But based on the actor’s sinister role in Breaking Bad the MCU will almost certainly look at him to play a villain. 

Esposito MCU’s Next Key Villain?

With the next phase of Marvel films and T.V. series on the way, there are several positions that Marvel should be looking to fill. According to Geeks WorldWide “Marvel Studios may already be casting the first big Phase 4 villain”. The same report goes on to say this role is listed as “A mysterious and nefarious benefactor”. This is the only description available for the upcoming adversary. With the recent rumors of Esposito’s involvement with Marvel, one can infer that he’s being considered for this “big” role.

The news gets more interesting when Geeks World Wide reveals some insight behind “The Benefactors” aforementioned character description. “The description fits well with Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, who has been rumored to be a major player in Phase 4 for a long while.” Fans of Marvel comics will recognize Norman Osborne as one of the more infamous characters in Spider-man’s rogue gallery. Esposito’s dynamic range as displayed through his filmography makes him a perfect fit for the sure to be complex potential MCU foe. Although nothing is confirmed, one can assume that Marvel would be ecstatic to have an actor of Espisitos caliber taking the helm of their next recurring villain. 

Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Ultron (James Spader) and Thanos (Josh Brolin). Those are just a few of the extraordinary antagonists featured in the MCU. With the caliber of performances of these menacing adversaries; Marvel has set a standard that may be hard to sustain. Fortunately, if the rumors of Esposito’s involvement are accurate, the MCU will have the ideal candidate to continue the trend of excellence.

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