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A Black Superman Soon? Dwayne Johnson Believes It’ll Happen

Published on July 25, 2019

Over the decades, Superman has been portrayed by some fine actors, including Christopher Reeve. There have been some discussions about why a black person hasn’t played the character. Dwayne Johnson certainly believes that this will become a reality one day.

A Hopeful Change Of Pace

The actor was approached by Variety about a possible black Superman at the Hobbs & Shaw world premiere. Johnson states that’s bound to happen with the growing number of POC in superhero films. “I think as everything builds and grows, and you take the temperament of society and what’s happening, and I think here in Hollywood — especially with franchises and characters and publicly traded companies who are sensitive to that kind of thing — so yeah, I think they’re doing a great job. And maybe one day we will see a black Superman. You’re looking at him,” Johnson told the publication.

Johnson is set to portray Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe. The wrestler turned actor originally got the role back in 2007. The Black Adam film is slated to begin shooting early next year.

Black Superman Does Exist

In the history of DC Comics, there have been three black Supermen in various multiverses. In 1990, Sunshine Superman was introduced in Animal Man #23. While he vanished in Animal Man #24, Sunshine Superman reappeared in 2009’s Final Crisis Vol 1. The second black Superman was Kal-El from Earth-D. This one only had one appearance in 1999’s Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The third black Superman was Calvin Ellis, who was inspired by Barack Obama and Muhammad Ali. Aside from the typical Superman powers, Ellis has grand boxing skills. The character made its debut in 2009’s Final Crisis #7. In the comics, Ellis was president of the United States in Earth 23. This character was developed by iconic comic writer Grant Morrison. Calvin Ellis was part of The Multiversity, which was a miniseries with alternate versions of DC Comics heroes. “We all have different faces that we show to different people in our lives, and the only way to understand you or me to see all of them at once, all the contending versions of ourselves… In Multiversity, I wanted to do that for the entire DC Universe,” Morrison told Wired.

Call On M.J.

Earlier this year, Michael B. Jordan got folks buzzing when he revealed he wanted to play Superman. As expected, one of the three black Supermen mentioned is his ideal role. “It’s tough. I hate being a businessman and understanding both sides of the situation. There is a huge upside to it, but being under that microscope, being picked apart and compared to so many different versions of Superman… I would rather do something original. I’ll be Calvin Ellis. I think the comic book purists can accept that more than me being Clark Kent. That’s a different thing,” he said in an interview with Oprah.

While Calvin Ellis isn’t a major name, there’s a way to bring him into the DCEU with ease. Since Ellis is from an alternate Earth, he could be part of the Flashpoint movie. In the comic books, the Flashpoint miniseries finds The Flash discovering new timelines. Unfortunately, Flashpoint has seen creative troubles over the years. Numerous people have written drafts of the film, but nothing stuck just yet. Recently, Grant Morrison and actor Ezra Miller co-wrote a new script. Flashpoint is slated to arrive sometime in 2021. With Jordan’s star power following Creed and Black Panther, adding him to the mix would be grand.

A black Superman in today’s world would be intriguing to folks who barely touch a comic book. We’ll just have to see how Warner Bros. will address this situation.

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