‘Black Panther’ Star Takes On Scorsese’s MCU Gripes DirectExpose
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‘Black Panther’ Star Takes On Scorsese’s MCU Gripes

Published on December 1, 2019


Award-winning director Martin Scorsese has been in the entertainment headlines a lot lately. And not just because he has a new movie coming out.

Scorsese has been stirring up a lot of conversations in Hollywood because of his controversial opinions about the wildly successful Marvel movies. Scorsese hasn’t been shy about expressing his view that the Marvel movies and other comic book movies aren’t real cinema.

He’s compared the movies to going to an amusement park; his point is that they’re all showy amusement without much, if any, substance. Scorsese is quick to differentiate this kind of movie from the kind he makes, which he considers art. He’s voiced these opinions in multiple interviews and even went as far as to write a New York Times opinion piece explaining his views.

Of course, multiple actors have called him out on these comments, especially the actors involved in the Marvel movies. In a recent interview, Chadwick Boseman weighed in on Scorsese’s comments and added his own theory as to why Scorsese is being so vocal at this particular moment.Approve

Boseman Suggests That Scorsese Didn’t Understand Black Panther

Even as he was calling out Scorsese, Boseman was respectful of the accomplished director. The actor said that even if he doesn’t agree with Scorsese about the Marvel movies, his opinions about the film industry should be held in high regard because “he’s a genius at what he does.”

Boseman went on to say that though he respects Scorsese, he does think he’s wrong about the Marvel movies not being cinema, especially when it comes to Black Panther. In Boseman’s eyes, Black Panther has all the elements of cinema that Scorsese has said he looks for in a real film. One of the main criticisms Scorsese has given about the Marvel movies is that they lack the mystery and depth of true cinema. In his view, films should present a compelling narrative that “convey emotional, psychological experiences.” And he doesn’t believe the Marvel movies accomplish that ultimate goal of cinema.

But Boseman, and many others who have seen Black Panther, see all these elements of cinema in the movie. In a recent interview, Boseman said “The mystery that Scorsese is talking about is in Black Panther. If he saw it, he didn’t get that there was this feeling of not knowing what was going to happen that black people felt. We thought, you know, ‘White people will kill us off, so it’s a possibility that we could be gone. We felt that angst. We felt that thing you would feel from cinema when we watched it. That’s cultural. Maybe it’s generational.” In the politest way possible, Boseman is suggesting that if Scorsese did see Black Panther, he didn’t get the point of the movie, perhaps because of his different cultural and generational experience. For many people, especially African-Americans, Black Panther certainly had a powerful narrative that conveyed complex emotional and psychological experiences, which qualifies it as cinema according to Scorsese’s own definition.

Boseman Wonders About Scorsese’s Timing

In the same interview, Boseman wondered aloud about Scorsese’s motivation for speaking out about Marvel movies at this particular time. Boseman pointed out that Scorsese has a new movie coming out very soon. And that the movie is coming out on Netflix, a very different platform for Scorsese. He suggested that perhaps Scorsese was putting himself in the headlines to create buzz around his new movie. Boseman also pointed out that awards season was right around the corner and it would make sense to create conversation right before ballots are cast. This suggestion makes a lot of sense, especially given the fact that the inclusion of Marvel movies in the Oscar nominations has been a point of contention for many old school film directors.

Whether Scorsese is just standing up for his art or putting himself in the spotlight at a very convenient time for his new movie, his comments are definitely taking center stage.

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