Here’s What ‘Bewitched’ Star, Erin Murphy Has Been Up To DirectExpose
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Here’s What ‘Bewitched’ Star, Erin Murphy Has Been Up To

Published on April 16, 2019

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Remember blonde hair, blue-eyed little Tabitha Stephens from acclaimed 1960’s hit, Bewitched? We know, how could you forget. Tabitha Stephens, or should we say, Erin Murphy, went on to do a lot past her childhood stardom in the show that didn’t always reach the public eye. Here’s what she’s been up to.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for GLSEN

She Started A Frozen Drink Company

Have you ever indulged in a 100 calorie frozen vodka martini by the name of “Slim Chillers?” If so, you can thank Erin Murphy for that.

While she was busy raising a family and staying active in her local community, the celeb felt the needed to pursue her interests in creating a low calorie frozen flavored alcoholic beverage. So just in case, you thought you were crazy when a truck drove by with Erin’s face sucking a frozen popsicle on it, it wasn’t just your imagination.

She’s Active with Charity Events

Murphy is extremely active with countless charities from delivering Meals on Wheels to raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims, Erin Murphy definitely spreads her share of ‘do good’ in the world.

Alongside that, she’s been a huge backer and public advocate for AIDS and Autism causes over the years. One of her six children, Parker, was diagnosed with Autism which is a big motivator behind her involvement in autism awareness and fundraising.

Should We Expect An On-Screen Comeback Soon?

If we’ve witnessed anything throughout the evolution of Erin Murphy’s life, she doesn’t seem to have a shortage of projects to be involved with. Now that her children have all grown, Murphy has the time to dedicate to sitcoms again.

In 2017, she made a comeback debut in a short called, I Might Be Famous, but we haven’t seen much since. None the less, we know it won’t be the end of Erin Murphy in the public eye and we’ll always be looking forward to what she does next.

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