Behind-The-Scenes Images Of Thanos In ‘The Avengers’ Are Amazing DirectExpose
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Behind-The-Scenes Images Of Thanos In ‘The Avengers’ Are Amazing

Published on September 23, 2019


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe had its fair share of villains, no one could top Thanos. The Mad Titan did whatever he could to make things perfectly balanced. Now, some behind-the-scenes photos from his first appearance in The Avengers have been released.

I Hope They Remember You

Over the years, Ironhead Studio has worked on comic book films such as Batman Returns and Daredevil. Company founder Jose Fernandez wanted to make his costumes have a different feel from other designers. “The main thing for me it seemed, was I didn’t feed from the same trough. Most effects people, and not meaning to say anything negative against them, but they all have the same kind of desires, or interests,” Fernandez told Sculpt Club. “I kind of could care less about most of that stuff. I am more into like, classic art. I hope it doesn’t sound cheesy, but more the European type of art. The Masters. Which is more about timeless line.” With their credentials, Marvel Studios signed them to work on a slew of films, including Thor and The Avengers.

This Does Put A Smile On My Face

Before Josh Brolin got involved, actor/stuntman Damion Poitier portrayed Thanos in The Avengers. Before the film, the actor had a recurring role as Duprez in True Blood. “Initially, they just hired me as a facial figure. In terms of moving forward, I knew that was a question of what happened in between I got it and the next time they would need it,” Poitier told BlackFilm in 2014. “Unfortunately, we didn’t get the exposure we wanted in the interim, but it’s all good. We got good exposure from that scene and we’ll keep moving from there.”

Following The Avengers, Marvel Studios signed Brolin to a multi-picture deal. Poitier didn’t feel bad about losing the gig to the Oscar-nominated actor. “[Brolin’s] going to kill it. They make smart choices over at Marvel. That’s one of the things that they do. They are always making intelligent choices on who they choose to do their roles,” Poitier also told BlackFilm. Poitier’s time with Marvel Studios didn’t come to an end with The Avengers. He did stunt work on Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: Civil War. In Civil War, Poitier also had a minor role as Hero Merc #1.

You Should’ve Gone For The Head

With Infinity War, Thanos was given a bigger on-screen presence. Instead of having cameo appearances, he became the main story. Marvel Studios had to make sure he was larger than life. “If Thanos didn’t work, then we wouldn’t have a movie. Dan DeLeeuw, the head of VFX at Marvel; the directors, the Russo brothers; and the Marvel executives could not have stressed the importance enough of making sure that the character and Josh Brolin’s performance came through,” Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Kelly Port told Fandom.

The team was determined to make Marvel proud by having Thanos look realistic as possible. “[3D artist] Chris Nichols was responsible for making Thanos look insanely detailed. We used ICT data and scans as the primary starting point and reference for Thanos. From there, a lot of sculpted details were added by hand into the maps. The workflow chosen for Thanos was to break his spec gloss using displacement, which meant that pores, wrinkles, and scars were heavy in detail for close, medium and far camera shots. It was amazing to see Thanos and all his details during production and there was always a new detail to see,” Digital Domain Lead Lighting/LookDev Artist Fernando Brandao told Chaos Group.

While Thanos never looked better, it’s always nice to see where he began.



Here’s a look back to 2011 at some behind the scenes photos capturing Thanos from the set of The Avengers. Jose designed and sculpted the makeup as well as his helmet and armor. The makeup appliances were painted and applied to Damion Poitier by Thom Floutz. #thanos #theavengers #avengers #villian #specialfx #spfx #makeup #makeupappliance #sculpture #art #helmet #armor #damionpoitier #thomfloutz #supervillian #avengersendgame #marvel #mcu #ironheadstudio

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