‘Bad Boys For Life’ Trailer Sheds Light On What Audiences Should Expect DirectExpose
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‘Bad Boys For Life’ Trailer Sheds Light On What Audiences Should Expect

Published on November 17, 2019


The last time a Bad Boys movie was released was all the way back in 2003. Despite the rather long hiatus, the third film to round out a trilogy will undoubtedly draw once hibernating fans into the theaters. A recent trailer for the film managed to excite fans and give everyone a taste of what’s to be expected in the next, and possibly final, Bad Boys Film. 

Big Changes Coming For Familiar Faces

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be reprising their roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. The last time we saw the two partners they were both in prime action hero form. This might not be the case in Bad Boys For Life. In the trailer, we see that Mike has continued on his path as a wild card cop from the first films but his loyal companion Marcus is more interested in retirement.

This change may upset fans who were expecting the same dynamic from the first two installments, but this could be a positive change. With Marcus being a bit older and less of an action hero, the story will almost certainly feel unique and different from the previous films. Doing this may help the film from feeling like a fan-service filled rehash of something that’s already been done. Marcus having a change of character also brilliantly parallels real life. Will Smith is of course still making loads of movies and is still arguably just a big movie star today as he was years ago.

Martin Lawrence, on the other hand, has seemingly stepped away from the limelight opting for what’s most likely a quieter lifestyle. It may be coincidental, but the similarities between the actors and their characters are almost undeniable.

New Directors Take The Helm

Marcus isn’t the only potentially positive change coming in Bad Boys For Life. The movie is also going to feature two young up-and-coming directors at the helm of the project. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah a directing duo that has made a splash in the last few years. The filmmakers were behind the critically acclaimed 2015 film Black along with the pilot episode of the FX original series Snow. Producers must be sold on this dynamic duo as they are not only intrusted to revive the Bad Boys series but are also set to make the fourth and long-awaited installment of Beverley Hills Cops.

This is almost certainly going to be the biggest budget the two have ever had to use. In the trailer for Bad Boys For Life, it seems the money is put to good use. While not much can be deciphered from a short trailer all of the shots seen feel stylized and polished. Whether the action sequences or the more intimate conversations scenes, every sequence appears in a beautiful orange tint, with colors added in whenever possible. Adi and Bilall aren’t household names yet but if their direction is as stellar as it appears in the trailer, they may be destined for stardom. 

Bad Boys For Life Might Mark The End Of An Iconic Duo

Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction as far as a success for the film goes. Unfortunately, that may make the experience bittersweet. Nothing is for sure of course, but the promotional materials for the upcoming action flick may suggest this is the last anyone will see of the bad boys on screen. The aforementioned character changes to Martin Lawrence’s character Marcus is one of the potentially bad omens. One of the tried and true methods of invoking an emotional response from the audience is a poorly timed demise of a beloved character.

With Marcus looking like he’s ready for retirement, this could be the perfect time for the writers to rip the hearts of the audience out. Meaning Marcus may not make it out of this crime caper. This would almost certainly end the franchise. The movie is called Bad Boys, not bad boy, so losing either one of the two leads would probably close off the trilogy. 

The bad boys are back in January of 2020. With more than a decade since the last movie was out the expectations will be high. Between the changing dynamics of the partnership, two new creative minds directing the film and the potential for a dramatic end to the franchise, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for Bad Boys For Life.

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