5 Reasons Why We May Not Have Seen Angelina Jolie’s Brother Lately DirectExpose
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5 Reasons Why We May Not Have Seen Angelina Jolie’s Brother Lately

Published on May 26, 2019

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Ever wonder what happened to Angelina Jolie’s brother, James Haven? While he became infamous for his Oscar appearance alongside Jolie in 2000, the world has not heard much of him since. Although he hasn’t been in the spotlight for a while, we’re still wondering what he’s been up to. Check out five reasons why we may not have seen James Haven lately.

He’s Rumored To Be Playing The Field

Supposedly, James Haven’s search for true love has finally paid off. According to the British news outlet Daily Mail, he’s been in his first legit relationship with actress Ashley Reign since 2011. The two even attended the Maleficent premiere together in 2014. Rumor has it that this cute couple might even tie the knot!

He’s Allegedly Been Hired As A Nanny

According to Hollywood gossip, Haven has taken on a new role over the last couple of years. Rumor has it he was hired as the nanny to Jolie’s six kids in 2016. Since Brangelina’s divorce, he’s supposedly been a solid rock for his many nieces and nephews. However, he was reportedly let go in 2017.

He’s Supposedly Made Up With Jon Voight

Everyone has heard about Jolie’s supposedly strained relationship with father Jon Voight, but did you know that Haven and Voight allegedly had drama too? Apparently, they weren’t speaking to each other either until Haven got involved in Christianity in 2009. Evidently, he and Voight have made amends, and it’s rumored that Haven inspired Jolie to do the same.

He’s Officially A Film Director

While he may be known for his appearances in the films Original Sin and Monster’s Ball, James’ newest project is his directorial debut. He’s actually credited as the director of the sci-fl flick The Last Boy on IMDb. Even though the movie’s still in pre-production, we’re all dying to see what he comes up with.

He’s Reportedly Focused On Himself

While he was rumored to be playing nanny for Brangelina, Haven supposedly moved into their house full-time. Reportedly, this caused a lot of stress for the famous couple and for Haven. The film director allegedly moved out of their massive pad to focus on himself. We’re wishing you the best, James!

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