Will Angelina Jolie And Celine Dion Sever Ties Over New Movie? DirectExpose
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Will Angelina Jolie And Celine Dion Sever Ties Over New Movie?

Published on May 29, 2019

Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for L’Oreal Paris

Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. She’s been in the limelight since 1982 and continues her work as a producer and philanthropist. The only name from the same era that could top hers would potentially be Celine Dion, famed Canadian singer, and world-renowned superstar. The two rose to fame around the same time and reportedly had a very strong friendship until recently. Read on to find out what caused the biggest rift in their relationship to date.

Jolie Refuses Role In Dion’s New Movie

Angelina Jolie and Celine Dion have been friends, or at least amicable to each other on the red carpet for many years. According to Radar, Jolie even dresses her six kids in Celine’s kids’ clothing line CELINUNUNU. The clothing line is gender-neutral and in line with Jolie’s progressive co-parenting style with ex, Brad Pitt. Jolie and Dion may have a strong personal bond, but their professional relationship may be fizzling. Dion has a biopic in the works to depict her early life and rise to fame and rumors say she wanted Jolie to play her in the film.

Though Jolie would be ideal for the role—she is similar in physique to Dion and an incredibly talented actress—there is no confirmation that she decided to take it. Dion fans speculate that Jolie may have refused the role, which would no doubt upset Celine. Fans of Jolie can empathize: she is still in discussion with ex-husband Brad Pitt over a book release. She’s filming a new Marvel movie. Jolie is even working with the United Nations on philanthropic work in her free time. Though her schedule is booked to the max, it’s unfortunate that she won’t get to play the famous singer in the English film. Though Dion isn’t making it public, sources say she is bummed about Jolie not being able to take the role.

Dion’s Film Will Still Be A Success

Celine has not one, but two movies in the works about her life and rise to fame. The first movie, The Power Of Love, Celine was announced in January as a French film depicting her childhood, singing career, and relationship with manager and husband Rene Angelil. The second film, entitled Celine Before Celine, will focus on her early life before stardom. Though Celine was disappointed that Jolie couldn’t play in the English movie, she is excited to be working with lead actress and director Valerie Lemercier in the French-language film. She has conceded rights to both films to use her music and is working directly with film producers to create an accurate storyline. The Dion family is also reportedly working on the film’s writing, providing information into their life before she became famous. Celine reportedly wrote to producers, “I wanted to let you know just how much I was touched by the film that you are preparing. With your unique approach, you managed to seize the essence of a period that is very dear to my heart.”

When Will The New Movies Reach Theaters?

French studio Gaumont is reportedly working on the $23 million biopic. Lemercier will star as Dion, but no other actors have been confirmed. Besides her two major films, Dion is killing it on the red carpet. She turned heads during New York Fashion Week and at the Met Gala with her avant-garde styles. Since Dion’s husband passed away in 2016, she has made efforts to take time for herself and express herself without hesitation. She has taken more time off to spend with family and is nurturing her creative side with new clothing lines and the two film projects. Celine doesn’t care what the press, the critics, or Jolie has to say. She is living her best life and is ready to take on the future in style.

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