A Look Into Alec Baldwin’s Unusual Marriage DirectExpose
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A Look Into Alec Baldwin’s Unusual Marriage

Published on April 6, 2019

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin fans would know that his first marriage to Kim Basinger wasn’t entirely picture-perfect. After splitting in 2001 and a long custody battle over their daughter, Alec went after love again when he met yoga enthusiast, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin. However, their marriage also comes with its own set of unusual quirks.

She Thinks His Hot Head Is Cool

Besides his famous roles all throughout the entertainment industry, Alec Baldwin’s anger issues are also pretty well-known. What’s it like to be married to someone with a reputation for punching guys in the face over parking spots? Hilaria, a yoga connoisseur, doesn’t seem to be phased one bit by it all (Namaste).

Have My Babies

Alec was very upfront from their few first dates that he wanted to have children (and apparently a lot of them). This didn’t seem to scare Hilaria away, as she told interviewers it really showed his maturity in being so up front, which was attractive. So, we should probably be taking notes.

I Support You From My Dreams

Hilaria told interviewers she loves to go to Alec’s SNL performances because she gets a VIP room all to her self (childfree) where she can finally catch some sleep. So while Alec is out impersonating Donald Trump and winning Emmy’s over it, she’s backstage catching some z’s. Well, you don’t hear that every day.

She Takes Care Of The Kids

There’s one thing that’s pretty traditional about their marriage: Hilaria primarily takes care of the kids while Alec does his thing, whatever that is. Hilaria told interviewers Alec has a more “old-school” parenting approach and does his best just to read the kids a book every now and then, while she runs the house.

They Appreciate Their Routines

Their both very open about how boring their relationship is. Despite Baldwin having an estimated net worth over $65 million, you’ll never find them on an exotic vacation or a fancy night out. They much prefer their routines, frequenting the same restaurants for date nights, or staying in and getting excited about sleep.

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