5 Top Actors Who Were Shocked When They Weren’t Fired From A Movie DirectExpose
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5 Top Actors Who Were Shocked When They Weren’t Fired From A Movie

Published on April 20, 2019


Can you imagine a Pirates of the Carribean without Jack Sparrow? That’s exactly what would’ve happened if Johnny Depp hadn’t narrowly escaped being fired from his iconic role. And he’s not the only legendary star who has feared getting canned from an epic film. Here are the top five actors who were shocked when they weren’t fired from a movie.

Why So Serious, Rob Pattinson?

If you’re a diehard Twilight fan, you’d know that there is no Twilight without Edward Cullen. That nightmarish reality almost came true when threatened to be booted from Twilight. Apparently, he was too moody for his role and even ignored the producer’s request to lighten up. That’s our Edward, all right!

Johnny Depp Had #TooMuchSauce

Johnny Depp’s take on the dastardly good looking Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean series is legendary. Most fans would never know that he almost had to walk the plank away from the Pirates franchise. Supposedly, he was too unintelligible as Sparrow and producers’ could barely understand him. Sounds like Captain Jack to me!

Michelle Rodriguez’s Motor Mouth

Michelle Rodriguez has been the OG female mechanic in The Fast And The Furious series since 2001. That doesn’t mean she’s always been on good terms with the franchise. Surprisingly, Rodriguez kept her job after demanding some major character changes in 2001 and is still threatening to quit as of 2017. Don’t get on her bad side!

Jamie Lee Curtis Was Scared Straight

The fact that Jamie Lee Curtis’ first film role was in the Halloween franchise is beyond incredible. The shocking part is that she thought she’d be booted from the movie after day one. She was shocked to return home after her first day to receive a call from the director praising her instead of firing her. Talk about a jump scare!

Down In The Dumps With Robert Downey Jr.

You’d never guess that respected actor and Iron Man veteran Robert Downey Jr. was a little prankster. Supposedly, he was almost kicked off of Weird Science for going number two in all the wrong places. He even turned his co-star’s trailer into his own personal restroom. Way too much information, bro!

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