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6 Underground Has One Major Ryan Reynolds Error

Published on December 31, 2019

Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

Fans of Ryan Reynolds have been sinking their teeth into his newest film 6 Underground. The Netflix release finds Reynolds playing One, who forms a team to face off against unknown criminals. While fans have been enjoying it, there’s one huge movie goof making the rounds.

You’re Over There, Too?

Over on Reddit, user thejokerjackson discovers Reynolds is seen in two places at once. The mishap takes place while Reynolds’ character is dodging criminals in the streets of Italy. While he’s in the car, one shot finds him on the street recording video for his Instagram. The actor accidentally wore his set clothes for the video.

This isn’t the only accident in the movie. Many Reddit users have laid down a list of blunders seen in 6 Underground. The aforementioned car chase continuously had errors involving attire and the car itself. As Reddit user YouveBeenDeuced also noted, “The entire car chase, in the beginning, was just awful. From the driver wearing a hat to not wearing in the next shot, to the mirror being knocked off to being there and missing again. There were also other damages to the car being instantly repaired, and even the doctor having blood magically disappear and reappear again.”

Another sharp-eyed fan also noted that Reynolds was part of another accident involving a strange camera shot. Redditor disenchanted_youth called out the fact that “The part where they were drifting in a circle and avoiding hitting puppies they show Ryan Reynolds putting his head out the window but in the outside shot you don’t see him.”

Another Blunder By Bay

Many people have chalked the mistakes up to simply more goofs in a Michael Bay film. “The entire time I was watching it I thought to myself “this looks like a Michael Bay movie”, then when the movie ended the first line in the credits was ‘directed by Michael Bay’ and was like, oh, would you look at that,” Reddit user i_dont_care314 said.

The Los Angeles native is notorious for having mistakes littered in his movies. His most noticeable errors stem from the popular Transformers movies. 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has an impressive 47 errors throughout the film. One blunder in the film involves a metal box easily making it through airport security. In modern times, the box would’ve been checked a dozen times before a decision was made. To explain this, the book novelization of the film states Mikaela distracted security, which led to it being snuck in.

Another incident in the film involves the camera crew’s appearance. When Bumblebee destroys Sam’s room, you can see crew members in the window’s reflection. Despite the mistakes, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen earned $836.3 million worldwide at the box office. Overall, Bay’s Transformers films have grossed a staggering combined $4 billion. Not too shabby!

Not So Bothered

Fortunately, most fans aren’t upset with Reynolds‘ blunder in 6 Underground. “Honestly, that movie had so many discrepancies (a lot of poor continuity) but boy was it a fun movie! It’s not a movie made for awards or for culture, it’s just to have fun and have a good laugh,” Reddit user Sirop-d-arabe said.

For Reynolds, being able to work with Bay again was a complete blast. The two first worked together in the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror.  “I was excited to work with more of an old-school version of a Michael Bay movie: no giant robots chasing anybody, no Transformers or Decepticons,” Reynolds told Empire. “But it’s still very f–king crazy. We joked a lot [on set] that no explosions were harmed in the making of this movie. There were a lot of explosions.”

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