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5 Celebs With Top-Secret Roles In Future Films

Published on April 21, 2019

Photo by Rich Fury-Getty Images

Were you shocked to see Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2? Although it’s beyond difficult to keep a secret in Hollywood, some movies still manage to surprise viewers with star cameos. It’s always fun to spot the celebrity in your favorite flick. Here are five actors with top-secret roles in future films.

Jessica Chastain

When fans saw Jessica Chastain featured in the Dark Phoenix trailer, the internet went crazy. Even though the film’s major stars include Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy, people are dying to know just exactly which Marvel character Chastain will be playing. Guess we’ll have to wait until this June to find out!

Rita Ora

Pokémon geeks rejoice! Rita Ora will surprise us with a secret cameo in the upcoming film, Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Out this May, the film showcases star Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu. While it’s tough to tell who Ora will be, she’s sure to be a hit!

Antonio Banderas

New Mutants is the newest X-Men spin-off set to grace theaters this August. Despite the fact that the film stars Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, people are going crazy over Antonio Banderas’ upcoming cameo. Rumored to be playing the villain Mr. Sinister, Banderas will spice up the screen for sure!

Naomi Watts

Have you heard about the new GoT prequel? Thankfully, the series’ eighth season won’t be its last debut on the big screen. But fans are astonished to find out that Naomi Watts is going to be playing a mystery role. All that GoT revealed is that she’ll play “a charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret.”

Keri Russell

Known for her hit roles in The Americans and Felicity, Keri Russel has been a legend since before time. However, her confidential role in the impending film Star Wars: Episode IX might just cement her in Hollywood history. She’s said to be playing the role of Zorrii, a newbie to the epic series.

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