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3 Awesome Predictions For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Published on November 14, 2019


Season three of Stranger Things left a lot of doors open for the future of the series. Here are a few theories for what’s in store for the fourth season of the aforementioned show. As a reminder, all of these predictions are going to contain spoilers for season three. Make sure to check out the final season before reading.

There May Be Hope For Hopper

One of the saddest moments of the entire run of Stranger Things came when sheriff Jim Hopper made the ultimate sacrifice. Hopper got a bit to close to the Russians portal to the upside-down as Joyce Byers destroyed it. The self-destruction of the portal caused the death of Hopper in the final minutes of the season. While it may only seem logical that Hopper is gone for good, there are also a few signs that he could return in season 4.

The first and most obvious indication that the sheriff is still alive and kicking is the fact that the show never definitively shows his body. The audience is left to believe that he was completely disintegrated by the power of the portal closing, but there are several other explanations to the mysterious disappearance. Instead of being destroyed by the portal collapse perhaps Hopper is now trapped inside the upside-down.

Another signal that could help prove the sheriff is alive comes when Hopper is being mourned. The song Heroes by David Bowie is played. This is the same song that was played when Will Byers’s fake funeral was held in season one. Could this be some subliminal foreshadowing from the showrunners? Or is it a misdirect? 

The final clue that leads to Hopper being alive is the after credit scene after the finale. The scene is presumably at a Russian Base and we see what looks like a line of jail cells. The Russian officer udders this precarious phrase that provides hope for Jim Hopper fans. The Russian operative refers to some currently unknown person as “the American”. The screenwriters almost certainly wanted that line in there intentionally and Hopper is a likely candidate to be the American. 

Eleven Will Get Her Groove Back

The next theory involves arguably the most important character in the series, Eleven. Eleven has been adopted by Joyce Byers who is seen moving away from Hawkins. That’s not the only change Eleven will be going through in season 4. Eleven is also left powerless, with seemingly no ability to tap into her telekinetic abilities. This theory may seem like shooting fish in a barrel but it seems like in order for the show to continue Eleven is going to have to get her groove back. Groove meaning powers. Throughout the entire show, Eleven has been the ultimate security blanket for the Hawkins residents.  Without Eleven’s uncanny ability to show up in the nick of time, the entire city of Hawkins may have been consumed by the upside-down. With her moving out of Hawkins and being stripped of her abilities everyone should be a bit nervous. Based on her importance in the show and the way the writers have used Eleven to get their supporting cast out of multiple precarious situations, it’s safe to say that Eleven will somehow obtain her powers again. 

Stranger Things 4 Will Set The Stakes High

Eleven being left without powers and Jim Hopper potentially gone the gang, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max are left with virtually no protection. While the aforementioned characters have occasionally escaped dire situations, it’s usually not without the help of Eleven. Though it may be likely that Eleven gets her powers back and Hopper could return, there will probably be a few episodes where Mike and his friends are directly in harm’s way. Considering the established power of the Demogorgon’s and the perils of the upside-down; if the group found themselves face-to-face with the previously mentioned dangers, there would almost certainly be consequences. The thought of a favorite character meeting their demise is not a pleasant one, but the end of season three sets up a perhaps dire start to the following season. 

With Stranger Things being one of the most popular Netflix original shows, the anticipation for the fourth season is mounting. Everyone is going to have an opinion on how the upcoming episodes will play out. Whether the fan theories are realized or not, there is no reason to believe that the showrunners won’t nail Stranger Things 4 out of the park.

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