15 Years Later, The ‘Friends’ Finale Is Explained DirectExpose
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15 Years Later, The ‘Friends’ Finale Is Explained

Published on August 10, 2019

It has been 15 years since the finale of Friends. While we said goodbye to Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey in 2004, fans continue to watch the beloved sitcom every day. The show’s two-part finale is still one of the best finales of all time, but what exactly happened in the last episode? How did the show conclude?

Twins For Monica And Chandler

Throughout Friends, Monica Geller-Bing [Courteney Cox] was supposed to be a mother. She loved children and desperately wanted to be a mother someday. However, Monica and Chandler’s heartbreaking fertility struggles caused the couple to turn to a different option: adoption. The adoption storyline was a big focus for the sitcom’s final season, with Chandler [Matthew Perry] famously pleading to birth mother Erica [guest-starred by Anna Faris] to trust them with her child. He said, “She’s a mother…without a baby.”

During the finale, Erica went into labor. The show couldn’t end without viewers learning about Monica and Chandler’s baby. However, while Erica was giving birth, Monica and Chandler learned Erica was actually pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Monica was immediately on board with the surprise, but Chandler took some convincing. Monica had to reassure him that he could handle raising two babies at once. The couple went home with their babies, named Erica [after the birth mother] and Jack [after Monica and Ross’s father]. They’re adorable babies, but they would be 15 years old today. Can you even imagine that?

“I Got Off The Plane”

The show’s finale focused on Rachel [Jennifer Aniston] moving to Paris, France to start a new job in the fashion industry. Everyone was heartbroken, but not as much as her on-and-off-again romance, Ross [David Schwimmer]. Ross and Rachel are supposed to be together, so it’s only fitting that the finale focused on the intriguing question: Will they or won’t they get together?

In the finale, Ross and Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] rushed to the airport for Ross to confess his love to Rachel. She got on the airplane anyway, but when Ross arrived back at his apartment, he listened to a voicemail from Rachel. She said she wanted to get off the plane. She also loved him. Ross had no idea if she did get off the airplane and repeatedly asked, “Did she get off the plane?”

Rachel answered, standing in the apartment, with one of the most famous lines in television history: “I got off the plane.” The couple kissed and said they weren’t going to mess up their relationship, which Ross jokingly added, “Unless we’re on a break,” referencing a famous joke throughout the series. We’re safe to assume this final kiss meant the couple was going to be together forever. After all, they’re each other’s lobsters.

Moving Out

Monica’s apartment was as much of a character as the show’s friends. It’s the home of some of the show’s most iconic scenes. So, it’s only fitting the final scene takes place inside the apartment while Monica and Chandler are packing up their belongings to move to the suburbs. Because the series was ending, it was time to say goodbye to the place everyone called “home.”

The friends handed in their keys, held back their tears, and looked at their apartment one last time. Joey [Matt LeBlanc] asked, “Has it always been purple?” Then, the six friends walked out of the apartment together, interlocking arms, as they closed one chapter. It was time to move on to something else.

The camera panned over the empty apartment before focusing on the one item left behind: the yellow picture frame hanging on the apartment door that had been there since the show’s premiere 10 years earlier. The friends had moved out and on to new adventures, but a part of them will always be in that apartment. Always.

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