’13 Reasons Why’ Actor Christian Navarro Looking To Star In ‘Little Mermaid’ Remake DirectExpose
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’13 Reasons Why’ Actor Christian Navarro Looking To Star In ‘Little Mermaid’ Remake

Published on September 24, 2019

Instagram/Christian Lee Navarro

When Harry Styles’ name was attached to The Little Mermaid remake, fans were excited. Unfortunately, Styles turned down the part of Prince Eric for his music career. Now, 13 Reasons Why star Christian Navarro has his sights set on the role.

Part Of Your World

On Twitter, Navarro acknowledged Styles rejecting the role and decided to put his name out there. “So I heard Harry Styles passed on Prince Eric, well… I can sing. Black Ariel/Latino Prince… no ones called but Season 3 drops next week and I think it’s one hell of an audition,” Navarro tweeted. Many fans were supportive of his sudden move towards getting the role. “Omg please do. You would make a great Prince Eric. Plus you only live once, there is a chance for everything,” Twitter user X_ItsRaven__ said.

Days after posting the tweet, Navarro revealed a surprising update to his fans. “Idk what happened to the other tweet. But @disney saw this, saw your support, and gave my team a call. They wanted to see what I could do. Tapes sent. Fingers crossed. Let’s make some history,” he tweeted. Fans have been wishing him good luck on his audition. “Congratulations on getting this far, and good luck! You would make for a very inspired Prince Eric and would guarantee that I see it in the theatres,” Twitter user filmgatereviews said.

So Long, Lover Boy

Navarro may have some competition for the role. Actor Asher Angel revealed he auditioned for the same part. “I’ve auditioned. I went in for it. It means so much to me. I started off doing musical theater. One of my first ever shows, I was Flounder. It was really cute. There’s video everywhere, if you guys want to look it up,” he told Entertainment Tonight. The Arizona native is best known for his work in Andi Mack and Shazam.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

The casting news for The Little Mermaid has been overflowing with rumors. One of the biggest rumors is Melissa McCarthy portraying Ursula. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress addressed the rumors of her playing the iconic character. “I hadn’t heard about that. It seems like it will be an awfully fun thing to do. I’d love if Disney gave me a little ringy-ding-ding. We’ll see. If it did happen, it would be very wonderful, Disney,” she said on the show.

Another rumor going around is Awkwafina playing the role of Scuttle. At the D23 Expo, she played it cool about her rumored involvement. “Aww man, that all isn’t confirmed yet, but obviously if it happens, I would be more than honored. It’s a classic, yeah. I’m very, very happy. That’s my princess right there, so I’m very happy with what they have [announced] so far,” she told Entertainment Tonight. Other rumors include Javier Bardem portraying Triton and Jacob Tremblay playing Flounder.

Under The Sea

The only confirmed star for the live-action remake is Halle Bailey from the R&B group Chloe x Halle. The Atlanta native will portray Ariel in the film. “I just feel like this role was something bigger than me, and greater,” Bailey told Variety. As expected, her sister Chloe was excited about her new role. “Heck yeah! I was more than proud. I was screaming and crying. She worked so hard,” she told People. Halle can be seen on Grown-ish along with her sister.

The remake will have original composer Alan Menken reworking classic songs with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Oscar-winning producer/choreographer Rob Marshall will serve as the film’s director. Marshall has earned accolades for his work in Chicago and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Filming is rumored to begin next April. On November 5, ABC will air a live musical presentation of The Little Mermaid. There’s a great possibility of the film’s official cast being announced during the program.

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